Diy confinement

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Even though the nanny has left,  i have every intention to continue with my confinement till 40 days. Many would do confinement for only a month, but I wanted to be kiasu this time round. However, i didn't bother about those herbal baths and not touching water after a month. Singapore's weather is just too warm! Prior to birth,  I've sorted things out and got stuff ready except that i didn't anticipate that the nanny would leave earlier.  You see,  I've made arrangements for confinement food delivery and fortunately the owner of Yeyeah delights was nice enough to entertain my requests.  In fact,  throughout our liaison, she has been prompt and patient on her replies.  This despite the fact that Grace,, a mother of three, herself was also having her confinement!  Salute this woman for her tenacity in tending her business.

And so, i managed to get my confinement food delivery to commence slightly earlier. The food are all recommended by their TCM physician cooked and blast freeze. delivery was done every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I was initially skeptical as i had thought food from refrigerator meant "wind". A no no for confinement ladies.  I certainly wouldn't want to fart non stop n make the hubs feel that pur bedroom smells like shit again (yes was expelling gas like mad when i had the nanny's food and she claimed it was good as i was dispelling wind). Anyhows, Grace assured me that it was fine and TCM endorsed thus i decided to try it out. No regrets.  The food was delicious! Not to mention, balanced too. A meat,  a veg, a soup and if coz the all important longan water. i especially love their soups! Very tasty and you can certainly see and taste the amount of effort and ingredients that went into it. Solid tasting. Compared to the previous caterer I've used (Chilli padi), yeyeah's food was not oily and their meats were, well, meaty. You see, back then,  Chilli padi had chicken in their menu and it was all oil and bones! All went well till one day, the container holding the longan water gave way in transit and they included kidney, something which I've informed i don't take,  in my menu.  As part of their service recovery,  they offered me a replacement meal.  How nice. 

Here are some of the stuff which was delivered to me. You can see that they offer a large variety of dishes:
I like that they state the nutrition information. 

Something which drew me to take up their package was that they were the only caterer who uses brown rice. In my attempt to be a tad healthier, brown rice is certainly a good start.
Ahhh...soup! glorious soup!! This is one of my favourites! Green papaya with fish! I used to hate this soup when cooked with fish, but they did it in such a way i didn't feel that it was too fishy. In fact, i found myself asking for more at the end of the day. Unfortunately, I can't seem to replicate the taste at home, thus am still sticking with the pork ribs version.
Another favourite of mine: Pumpkin soup. It's not your typical western pumpkin soup which is thick and creamy, never is it the typical Chinese pumpkin soup where the pumpkin is chopped up and not blended like in this case.    
Look at how generous the portions are
Another way to faciliate my DIY confinement was to prepare pre-packed soup packs. Bought them from Chong Hoe Medical Hall at Serangoon Gardens. I usually pick up my dried organic supplies from this shop and chanced upon this. Awesome idea! But extremely expensive in my opinion. One soup pack on the average costs $38. I took only two week's supply. 
  Despite being expensive, the quality of ingredients was truly high. 
Half the time however i don't know what I'm drinking. They all look the same! haha..But it's so convenient. Just soak the herbs in water for 15minutes and pop them into the slow cooker or stove if you have the time to watch over.

The other pack which i bought was the tea packs. Many chided me for doing so as they said it's so easy to boil the longan red dates tea. Yes Of coz i do know it's easy. But this isn't simply about longan and red or black dates...look at the variety they have! (see above and below pictures). In fact, I bought a week's supply of these and every single day it was a different concoction!
After two week's of home delivery (lunch only mind you), I was on my own once again. Thankfully there's mom to buy me fresh produce like fish and thankfully we've got a relatively small but sufficient supermarket down by our block. I was able to whip up a decent meal to continue my attempt at staying healthy. 

Tried making the nanny's marmite chicken but kindof failed. Not gonna be defeated! If she can do it, so can i!
The flasks of longan red dates tea as well as rice tea (米茶)for my daily consumption
Ahhhh...lastly, who can forget. The king of fruits-- Lui Lian!!! YUMZZZ!!! compliments from the uncle who is a durian lover. Apparently, this is a very nutritious fruit during confinement. And since they say confinement ladies are supposed to be immune towards heatiness, I'm attacking the durians by the dozens! hahha ok, not quite!