The Festive Period

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

So it's here. Christmas, New Year then soon after, Chinese New Year. But somehow this year, I'm least excited about all the festivities. Hard as I try to focus but the body just won't coorporate. All I want is to lie down in bed or be in a horizontal position the entire day. Nausea aside, I'm just flat out exhausted for some strange reason. Sluggish and unproductive are all appropriate adjectives for me. Nevertheless, some level of excitement has to be shown to the lil one for her to understand that it's a season to be jolly.

Here's letting the photos do the talking....I told you i'm plain lazy..........


Xmas themed breakfast for the little one. It has been a while since I did food art, but her appetite has been horrid thus I had better buck up

Da dinner. Yup. It's steak. The hub's specialty as he likes to call it.

We didn't have turkey so the least I could have was turkey ham!
The galore of food below are from the party we had at Grace's house. Yums!  The truckload of food was only for 8 adults and 4 children and 1 toddler and a baby! It's an amazing spread!

Wanton Skin Pizza anyone?

Korean pizza made by Grace
I made this!!! Yum Woon Sen! Super easy but somehow still not up to the mark.

Making New Friends

HAPPY 2014!! First breakkie of the year. How original.

Giving myself one last chance to baking and what do you know! I managed to bake this no-brainer strawberry cheesecake! No brainer coz it's a pre-mix so if i failed, I'll probably just give up trying to bake for the rest of my life.

Mentaiko! My current fav! first time trying to make agadeshi tofu and it's darn simple! just coat the silken tofu with cornflour, fry till golden brown. I added some dashi soy sauce and bonito flakes and Viola! Restaurant standard!

Steak. Again. A must-have for him on every special occasion.

Home baked cookies. not by me of coz! I can't bake for nuts!


You'd think I'll be all sluggish and not entertain Lil K right? Think again. I did. Well, more like I had to. She simply didn't allow me to even lie down. Each time i did, she'll say: Mama, wake up. Leaving her with toys didn't work too coz she wants me to play with her but even when i do, she gets bored after 5 minutes. So here we are, doing some stuff together:

Our Xmas trees! The one of the left was lugged back from Bangkok some 4 years ago and it has been my Xmas and Chinese New Year tree every year! The little white tree on the left was a gift when I was perhaps in Primary Three, aka, eons ago! Mom and pops didn't believe in Xmas and more importantly, didn't believe in buying me silly things like a tree which we'll only take out once a year! So i totally treasured this baby and was over the moon when that certain aunty gave it to me. The leaves have turned yellow since and some have dropped off but heck, it's still usable! Coz, I'm not gonna splurge on some tree that i'll only bring out only once a yr! haha
Say Hello to Frosty!

Waves to Rudolph and Rudy! Made from toilet rolls, these adorable creatures were Lil K's fav for the season.

Wishing upon a star

Ok, my system is going into shut down mode. Going to lie down now. 
Happy Feasting everyone!