When the bull's away, the cow & calf play

Friday, January 25, 2013

Ok, technically, i'm no longer a cow. Really reminisce those days!

The hub has been jet setting a whole lot since the start of 2013. Towards the end of 2012, it was France, then KL then in 2013, it was France, KL and Thailand. It's no wonder he got his Gold status within a year! Wish he didn't have to fly this intensively, but coz each time he's back, he's like Oscar the Grouch! He'd be so jet lag, all he does is sleep whole day and wakes up the next morning/ night saying that he is sick coz he is this sleepy. And when you try to strike a conversation with him, he'd be nonchalant. What a bummer. Total put-off when talking to him! Was just telling him how un-sentimental he is when i said that bb k is gonna b 3 next yr n that she's gonna be going to SCHOOL! his reply: huh. orh. Seriously darling, you can do better in the communication department to make the wife feel more loved! yet, as the woman behind the successful man, i do need to get my perspectives right and try to work around my emo self. That apart from the many chores n errands I have to undertake to ensure that the house still functions well.

Anyhoots, mostly, when he's away, I'll meet up with friends and explore new food haunts with bb k. This time, it's to the widely blogged: Riders Cafe which is nestled in loads of greenery & Brussel Sprouts @ Big Splash

K was walking a whole lot at Riders. Insisting that i climbed the stairs with her! Oooo my aching back! I couldn't enjoy much of my meal coz she was too busy exploring.

My Happy Darling!

What a bummer that it was raining the whole day.. Thankfully the ride was smooth and it wasn't too tough to find our way there.

Having a nice stroll amidst the lush greenery. Taking in a big breath of rejuvenating air! Ahhhhh

The egg bene was really good! Spinach was refreshing and eggs poached to perfection.

Miso cod was good too, albeit a little small in portion.

After our meal, I brought k closer to nature. She was so intrigued by the horses and pony. But pony ride came at a hefty price! $10 for a mere 100m or so! Do i look like a sucker?

Dinner @ Brussel Sprouts was Awesome!! We had Chilli Crab mussels and White Wine sauce mussels. Free flow of fat fries to go along. I even ordered a plate of kids friendly penne for k and she loved it! Towards the end, she was a tad fidgety coz once again, she wanted to walk around and explore. This time, the kitchen!

Me & the gals. Spot the soon to be mama!