2nd Family Trip To Down Under Perth

Thursday, January 17, 2013

It's really quite strange that it's already halfway through the first mth of January 2013 and I'm still living and writing 2012. I guess I've heaps of unfinished business and it's bugging me now. 

Looking back, the highlight of last year must have been the two trips we took with BB k. First to Hong Kong in June and then in November 2012 we went to Down Under Australia. The whole trip was pretty successful and definitely deserve a huge serving of thankfulness and a dollop of satisfaction.

chillin by the beach cafe. the baby sure knows how to enjoy too! And She's one lucky baby too! Mummy only stepped on the Aussie land at the age of 33 and she's barely 1 at the point of this trip!

I can seriously get used to this! Look at the trees! look at the clear azure blue skies!
BB k is one smartie pants. Back in Singapore, I brought her to East Coast Beach twice and though she had her sandals on, she refused to put her feet on the sand. Somehow, she sensed that the sand isn't too fine. However, on Cottlesloe beach, she was happily digging the sand!

the flight there was really great. She was one happy and energetic baby but she managed to nap a lil but the trip back was quite the opposite. I had to carry her up and down the alley praying she'll sleep but to no avail.

Even the fruits are so darn fresh!!

Famous Hot Chocolate from Koko black

Fresh Oysters from Frementle Market

Famous Fish & Chips at Cicerellos @ Frementle.Saw a few gps of Singaporeans whilst dining there. The fish was really good! but the sauces were exp!

On our last night, we decided to spoil ourselves and dined at Rockpool over at Burswood Casino. Not that we won any money there though coz we tried to smuggle the baby in (using a carrier) but was stopped shortly after. Food @ Rockpool was overrated in my opinion. Definitely not worth the price. But if you are steak lover then okay, go try!

Awesome big pork bone with a whole lot of other stuff soup @ a Chinese restaurant!
My fav -- Egg Bene

Calamari from Ciao Italia. The queue is amazing every single day of operations, thus we decided to call for delivery.

Another MUST TRY at Ciao italia. The tiramisu is also very good.

hommmmmmm...practising her yoga @ Harvey Hills Dam. We did a 2D1N farmstay at Harvey Hills and had a good time cooking our own breakfast the next day. Sue, the host, was a nice and cherry lady. Only problem were the annoying flies! It was really a nice ride in the evening as we caught sight of kangaroos hopping around and cows lazing and grazing on the hills. Sometimes getting away from the hustle and bustle really does good for the soul.

Brought bb k closer to nature at Caversham Wildlife Park. She loved the animals and had a blast

Spot the proud lama

Taking a stroll at Swan lake River Park. Wonder why is K so glum.

Touching the Kangaroo! Eeeks!

It was really good bonding time as a family and I really appreciated the moments. I especially appreciate it as the hub has been having crazy jet setting schedules in 2012. Hopefully 2013 would spell more time as a family. The lil one is growing oh so fast, i really dread that she is brought up thinking that Daddy is in the phone all the time. 

The love of a family is life's greatest blessings