Bb K turns one!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I haven't been up to date with things and this 2013, I shall set things right (at least I hope to). Starting with being more organised and decluttering! I've been doing so in anticipation of the Lunar New Year. I must have thrown away 10 bags of clothes and lots more bags, but somehow the wardrobe still seems full! Strange phenomenon. The hub complains that i'm not ruthless enough and that i'm only discarding 10% of my entire collection. I beg to defer. Well, perhaps if you've got any tips to share on decluttering or being ruthless, please share!

It's cliche i know, but time has zipped by terribly fast! This blog was suppose to record the various milestones in life and yet, since bb k's arrival, i've been trying to juggle things and catching my breath. Without a maid, a jet-setting hubby and crazily scheduled full-time job, i can't help but to give myself a pat on the back as this is the greatest achievement in my life yet! Thinking back, the memories of the day K was born is vividly etched in my mind. The 27 hours of pain! Who could forget that? Her entire body looked squished as a result of her journey in the cozy womb. Her dark brown eyes seemed to be twinkling in delight, her nose squashed and there were patches of red on her face. The interesting looking newborn had perfect wrinkly skin; her diminutive feet looked pigeon-toed as they rotated inwards as she was curled up snugly in the womb for 41 weeks. And today, looking at her, makes it all worthwhile. Round face, rose-coloured cheeks and a pair of sparkling blue eyes that seems iridescent. That describes my baby Kaelyn.    

The first birthday party was a close-door affair with invitations extended to only both parents and siblings. enjoyed a feast at the famous Royal China @ Raffles Hotel and had her cupcakes specially made by Charlotte Grace

nom nom nom...let me try my birthday cakes

Celebrating birthdays, just two days apart.

It's like she knew it was her first birthday. She was exceptionally coorperative and happy that day.

Grandpa is superbly meticulous!

Happy Bear-day!

To mark this important occasion, we also did a photoshoot. The hubs didn't think newborn shoots are such a great idea (he thinks it's a rip off while I m so so keen in capturing THE moment). Fortunately, we didn't spend a bomb then. I can't imagine K pulling through the shoot coz mostly she's fussy. Anyhowz, our photoshoot was done at Hort Park. 830am. Gorgeous weather albeit tremendously warm. The fireball shone mercilessly later at 10am and by then, bb k and Daddy liew were grouchy. Fortunately, some beautiful shots were captured by Edwin Photography.

 Who can resist this sweetie pie?

DJ K is in the house

Anyone in need of a child model? Please contact the mommy at =P

my favourite family shot. we were trying to get K to look up at us kissing, but i guess she didn't want to be involved in the RA scene.

MCYS if you are interested in the perfect family shot, please do not hesitate to contact me at! haha

Daddy's favourite shot. K's famous "ehhhh" look. She does this each time she wants to be carried. She has since outgrown it thank goodness. It's kindof unglam! Wonder where she learnt it from.
Here's K's developmental update thus far:

Health, Diet & Feeding

  • He’s still breastfed by latching on directly in the day when i'm with her and at night. On wkends, she's exclusively MINE! After her birthday, I started weaning him off. She has been doing organic goat's milk (Karihome) at 6mths but doesn't seem to be crazy over it. In fact, she drinks very little. each feed is between 2oz to 4oz. Thankfully, after weaning from the breasts, I put her on Organic cow's milk (Bellamy's) and she has been demanding for milk. Though each feed is still approximately 4oz, it's no longer a pain to bottle feed her and she'll hold her own
  • For her solid meals, he started showing preferences for cheese and rice. Thankfully she likes her cheese as it's packed with calcium! Other than that, it's sometimes a pain to feed her as she'll take anywhere from 15mins to an hour to finish her meal with heaps of fussing in between. Now that she has 5 baby teeth, the options in food has extended to beef stew and letting her bite her own fruits. She loves her Fish and soup thus if i were to cook a healthy lunch, i'll share it with her.
  • She loves finger-feeding herself  blueberries and bread!
  • She’s still rather petite, in the 25th percentile.

Potty Training

  • K has actually been potty trained since 3 mth old. She'll give us cues and instantly when we whip out the potty, she'll poop. when she was 6mths old, she knew how to tell us that she wanted to do it and does it periodically once in the morning when she wakes up and in the evening. However, since we got back from Australia, she completely forgotten and has been pooping on her diapers without telling us. URGH regression! At times she'll hide in a corner and once we see that guilt-ridden face, we knew it. The poop i must say, has become tremendously pungent! Hopefully with consistent efforts, she'll be back pooping on her potty. this definitely spells a longer period to diaper independence!
  • She is cloth diapered in the afternoons whilst at my MIL's and generally at home she'll be in Huggies disposable diapers. I've recently switched to the pull-up pants as she is becoming very mobile and active.


  • The fussing to suckle every 2 hourly at night was tremendously trying. I tried various methods (singing, talking, walking, rocking etc) but things still didn't look up till she was almost 10-11months old. It was a nightmare prior and during the weaning period. At the very beginning, she was waking up every half hour before midnight (mind you she sleeps at 10pm or later)..this happens all the way till approximately 2/3am before she finally settles down and wakes up eventually at 7am! Gosh, that's not a lot of sleep baby!
  • During the wk of weaning, it was extremely painful and i didn't have the heart to reject her at the beginning. She'll wail her eyes out and slap me on my breasts for milk. She will say "milk milk" and screams incessantly when i tell her "no more". at one point, she was holding on to me, crying and I was holding on the hubs, Crying! Thankfully, all this was over in about a week and I'm not liberated after 13.5mths! Now at 14mths, our supply of EBM is down to the last 6 packs. All those efforts in pumping in the car under the blazing sun and sometimes the scrutiny of foreign workers have paid off. Bb k though, petite, is healthy and has good immune system.
  • Naps are bad too prior to weaning. We'd be lucky if she does a stretch of half an hour. 
  • Fortunately, it's getting easier and she's now taking 2x1.5hours naps. One mid-morning at about 1030am and the other at around 430pm. Her bed time now is approximately 1030-11pm. I'll settle her in by 10pm and she'll toss an turn for half an hour or so and will typically wake up for a dreamfeed at 430am before returning to sleep till 8am.She resists the hubs when it comes to going to bed thus I have to be the one popping her to bed the moment I'm back from work.


 Bb k is really babbling a whole lot these days and below is her repertoire of words:
  • Mama
  • papa
  • popo (my mil)
  • Ah Ma (my mom)
  • Ber Ber (my bil and her favourite relative)
  • Gong gong (She vibrates her lips for that)
  • Bear
  • Bird 
  • Bread
  • Lion (ok, she roars)
  • Panda
  • Egg (she says dan dan)
  • Cat (she calls it Mao)
  • there
  • rabbit
  • banana
  • bag
  • duck
  • apple
  • eeeeee (when she sees something dirty)
  • eat
  • mum mum
  • milk 
  • Ngg Ngg (poop)
  • 怕怕 (means scared)
  • 辣 (she'll point to the bottle of medicated oil)
  • 美美 (means beautiful)
  • 姐 (means sister)
  • Beat 
  • Snake
  • Cow (she'll moo)
  • up
  • five (coz we live on the 5th storey)
  • bye bye 
  • star

    As much as I'm one giant ball of sleepiness, I relish the moments I'm with K, watching her grow and meeting her milestones. Baby, Mummy Loves you!

    Yeah! First post of 2013 out of the oven! Great start! 
    Resolution: No more procrastination and Better organisation skills!
    Happy New Year Everyone!