Why the Hiatus?

Monday, March 22, 2010

Time seems to just evaporate into air these days. It's been a hectic week thus the lack of updates. Hysteria had been screaming in my head since last Monday resulting in the blog fading to oblivion. There seems to be a multitude of tiresome chores and tasks to attend to, which render me breathless. First was the hols, which saw me waking up the moment sunshine starts to stream through the sleeves of the clouds. HATE THE HOLS! But with that said, it was pleasant to be home at decent hours and catching a meal or two with sweetie. Sweetie went Batam for golf on 14th (Sunday) and as they say, when the cat's away, the mice play! Play I did! Invited my girlfriends over for lunch (1st batch) and dinner (2nd batch). Cooked a whole lot of palatable food. Not boasting but my gfs had 2 bowls of rice! Was nice catching up and chilling over a beer till the wee hours of the night!

Lunch with H and E (who were camera shy). They claimed I overcooked but ended up licking the dishes dry!! Noticed they are all vegetarian? E's pretty hardcore and I had a hard time planning the menu.
The evening menu was way easier. With more meat on the table! Showed off my culinary skills. On the menu: Mayo prawns (a big hit); Prawn paste chicken (am still inaccurate when it comes to saltiness) and my favourite Braised mushroom...oh n of coz the ever famous Bittergourd soup! Was floundering in my own pool of self-conceit!

Finally mastered the art of frying wings! Had to sieve the flour before dusting it onto the chicken for greater consistency. I know it sounds like a chore, but the result's pretty satisfying.This is pretty random. Legend has it, on one's lunar birthday, it's essential that you eat longevity noodles (Mee sua) with two eggs. Supposedly it'd bring the person luck. Well, let's hope that's true!

Last wkend was also peppered with loads of activities -- Wedding @ OOSH on Saturday (which I will blog separately when I have the time) and Baby E's 1st mth on Sunday. Things like marking and organising really had to take the backseat.

Aren't those darlings simply adorable? Baby E is right in the middle. He's currently the thorn amongst the roses..lucky him! Can you spot the odd baby out? It may be a toughie given that she looked pretty much like Baby C with her swollen square jaws!

The one who's the apple of my eye however has to be this babe. Round face, rose-coloured cheeks, and a pair of sparkling alluring eyes -- That's the description my darling A! She's such a poster girl!

Needless to say, with all the activities and no time to prep for the wk, I woke up feeling extremely testy and grouchy. Am totally encased in annoyance and wish I didn't have to work so hard. The consolation, I've booked myself a trip to somewhere! Virgin trip with H. That really excites me to no end though it's only gonna happen at the end of May! Still, at least that's something to look fwd and a motivation to push on! So guess where I'd be heading. Clue's below: