Rain Rain, please come again!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Yesterday was good because the door to the past is closed and locked. No, seriously, Monday was really good. The smell of dew and rain woke me up. The heavens had turned gold with rays of the morning sun. In the next moments, the mighty sun sprang out of bed completely as its banners shook triumphantly across the pearly skies. However, it's victorious moment did not last. At 10am, the rain poured down in a deluge and lightning began to wink fitfully. The last few days had been so hot, not a leaf flutter. The rain was a relief to many and surprisingly took away all Monday Blues. Was superbly productive. Completed the whole wk's preparation and even did up 50% of next wk's tasks. A welcome, considering that next wk would be an intense wk, with lessons starting way early due to the March Hols.

Have been training to be a domestic goddess by cooking lunch for myself over the last wk. The kopitiam downstairs is closed for renovations and it rendered me helpless. My culinary skills were put to the test, with meager food supplies. At times, it's rather arduous to be waking up early, cook and wash up, but the final product proved otherwise:

Yumalicious Scallop & Fish Slice Porridge! It was amazingly smooth this time..hmmm

Pork Chop Instant Noodles! Hongkong Style?
This was my favourite! My version of WANTON MEE!! The wantons rock!!

Fast forward to Thursday. Productive too, but in a different way. For those of you who are still not aware, Charles & Keith + Pedro are having their Warehouse SALE from 11 march till 14 March! I zoomed down right after my first class. The place was packed like sardines and it was simply an OL paradise with shoes ranging from $9 to $49.90! A real steal! Too bad I don't get to wear heels that often. Still, i managed to grab a loot of 3. a one inch slipon, a 3.5inch wedge and a gorgoeous 2.5inch nude heels. I'll probably wear them twice at the very most, per year. Why do i need so many shoes, I seriously wonder too. Inherited or perhaps just a feminine thing. Anyway, it's located at 21 Tai Seng Street. It's crazy to drive as there's hardly any proper parking. Then again, without a car, how would one get there? SO ULU! There were at least 6 road marshals lined up along the streets. The warehouse unveiled their goodies bit by bit. First I entered the belt and sunglasses section. Several bargain hunters were grabbing what's available. I was pleasantly surprised that there were sizes! Got a beautiful purple belt for only $5! Then I moved on to the parade sq which had shoes going at $9 and bags ranging from $29.90 to $49.90. I wasn't too impressed and was disturbed to see everyone bagging heaps of shoes! I told myself not to be impulsive and control I did. At the end of one round, nothing caught my eye and I was about to leave, when all of a sudden, a halo shone above the sign "IN". Thinking that it's the cashiers, I entered, oblivious to the crowd behind me who was jostling. THe cool air from the aircon vent told me that this was an entirely different realm which I've entered! True enough, from every corner, there were shoes, shoes and more shoes! The most amazing bit was, there were sizes!!! That's when I fell prey and pounced on my 3 new heels.....
Sigh...Need to really work on budgeting for the forthcoming trip.