Happiness is within one's control

Sunday, March 28, 2010

I hate to say this, but the wkend's coming to a close. However, it had been an awesome wkend. No earth shaking events, just some quiet, almost nondescript everyday matters but these always form the foundation of my happiness. I realise that once I'm on top of things, I feel much better and will be able to receive the week with greater happiness. Taking matters into hand, I cleared 99.5% of my markings by Saturday when sweetie went to Y's place for soccer fest. A feat which no words can express! To be able to complete a multitude of tiresome projects way ahead of time is serenity. The immediacy of them all have been trashed, stepped and trampled on! Sunday -- Errands such as purchasing laser toners (it's appalling how much ink I use for my job!), buying of groceries & necessities and most importantly putting together an itinerary for my big trip in May were all done within a day. Fine-tuning will take a while but at least I finally got started! Setting out and achieving small goals daily should be one little routine that has to be added to my happiness quotient. They say that 40% of happiness is within one's control while the rest is genetically inherited. I'm definitely not gonna let my crazy genes get into the way judging by how insanely unhappy mom is. So here's what you should do instead of procrastinating:

1) Set small goals daily
2) Plan plan plan! Preferably one wk in advance or even one mth in advance! It really helps to ensure things move on more smoothly. Though there's bound to be hiccups, it's all a matter of readjusting to fit into the plan.
3) Treat yourself (even if it's something small like an ice-cream) should you achieve the goals
4) Refocus negative thoughts once in a while, don't let it subconsciously dominate your thoughts.
5) Set realistic goals, not elusive ones
6) Take time off and smell the daisies!

I believe I will still have my disgruntled moments and honestly, i'm still learning how to cope with the uncertainties of life. Dwelling deeply on an issue certainly doesn't help and sometimes if you take a step back you may realise how minuscule the whole matter may be. Learning is not a linear process and I still have to learn how to make time for several activities and live a more meaningful and mindful life. Though chasing after money and status is just as important to me, I MUST take time off and smell the daisies! Which is why, though it's still 2 months away from my big trip, I'm planning already! The research has been grueling. I arduously ploughed through forums and blogs to piece together places to visit. It seems like 8 days isn't enough to cover them all! Perhaps I'm greedy, but it's not somewhere u'd go everyday! (unless you are that rich) So maximizing time and value are top of my list.