Beautiful Sunday

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Dish 1: Princess Scallop with seasonal greens
Dish 2: Garlic Mayo Golden Cod

Dish 3: Not so sober prawns in imperial herbal broth

Dish 4: Black-pepper crab by Chef Jiakang

Dish 5: Little Neck clams in white wine sauce
Dish 6 (Behind): Double-boiled (not really la..but boil very long ok!) White Carrot soup

Dish 7: Steamy Pork Rib...According to my patrons, they were yummy!
So easy to cook la!

It's been a good wkend. A productive Saturday followed by an entertaining Sunday. Literally.

Had a cookout again, this time with a greater spread for 6 pax (with cousin-in-laws). It was amazing that we managed to finish all the dishes! Apart from those featured above, there was also beef fillet and bobochacha (which was not sweet enuff though).
Slept till almost 11am and went to NTUC with my baby at noon to grab some groceries. Took me the whole afternoon to prepare and i was shuttling between the kitchen and my TV. How I wish everyday could be a Sunday!
PS: As you can tell, the picture quality is soooo much better. (compare the previous drunken prawn pic which looked as if it's curry prawns). This is coz I was using my T9! ohhh How can I live without it!