The Aftermath

Monday, October 29, 2007

THe next day after our weddding, we went out to have couple of drinks with frens. Guess we hadn't had enuff!haha. We were still pretty tired and was busy counting ang baoz. Sadly, we didn't earn. Fortunately together with the $$ collected from Tea ceremony, we didn't lose too much. The next day, we did the most amazing thing...nope, it's not XXX.'s a 3 hour spa compliments from The Oriental Hotel (otherwise known as Mandarin Oriental now). Damn shiok i tell u. The moment they put that scrub on me, i dozed off! n then there was that bathtub which i keep slipping into. n fruits n tea n that 1hour + massage....we simple dozed off to lala land! BUt sadly, after the spa, we had to check out n return to reality. Returned the gown n went back to our love nest!

10 days into our wedding, my dearest is off to Bangkok n then Shanghai for work. I'm left all alone in a big big house. Quite Shiok to be really honest! But i do miss him, especially since it's the lull period for me now. Can't wait for him to come back! n can't wait for our honeymoon!

PS: Still extremely awkward with calling new mom n new dad. Think they are equally as awkward!haha