14 October -- The memorable nite

Monday, October 29, 2007

It was the Oscars. People dressed in all colours and bling bling galore! We arrived at the hotel at about 4pm. Considered early. It rained n my little piggies on my car got soaked. Hubby decided to take them off n my bridal car was just a plain BMW valet parked in front of the hotel! Grrrr.

For the first march in, we used a lovely spanish version of Whitney Housten Song -- I will always love u. It was a long march, thus it was utterly suitable. We searched high n low for the CD. It was all worthwhile. Marching in, I felt like a superstar. Waving to the crowd, some of whom I dont even know who! Honestly, in the midst of the darkness, u wont know who is who. My cheeks were getting a little "suan" when suddenly one aunty shouted "JAnice!!! Janice!!"..wow! that realli "woke me up" and brightened my smiles! She was my fan, n I was like some Superstar (definitely not singapore one).

First dish then came. The song, chosen by urs truely was Tokyo Drift by the Tereyaki Boyz. Inspired coz the other day we were just watching the show Tokyo Drift!haha. it was totally apt n realli got people in the mood. After the sharksfin (thank goodness i could eat that!), we went up for a change. Hubby had a bad boy style whilst I changed into my gorgeous fuschia number. It was totally sexy (i feel la). Our 2nd march in song was Truely Madly Deeply by Savage Garden. I couldn't think of any other songs. we din want a slow one...i dug out all my CDs n listened n finally found the one. It was pretty last min.

The whole photo taking session lasted for quite a bit n the whole nite ended at about 1130pm. some left earlier as expected. but our dear bros and sis stayed on to party.