Guo Da Li

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Just realised that I didn't really write about the Guo Da Li. This happened 2 wks b4 my weddding. Thankfully I had my old aunt who was well versed in all the traditions. Here's a rundown of what was given:

Stuff that Bridegroom side must give:

  1. A roast pig (to be given on wedding day)

  2. 2 bottle sof hard liquor

  3. 12 boxes of cakes & 38 cake vouchers

  4. Pin jin for bride's mother

  5. Ang pow for grandparents

  6. ginko nuts, lotus seeds, red dates and dried longans

Stuff that bride side must return to groom:

  1. Chop off the middle section of the roast pig and leave only the head, and legs of the pig. replace the chopped off section with a pair of pants for teh groom wrapped in plastic reason for this is "Da Fu Da Gui" to the groom. But COME ON!! we are in the new century! this is all replaced by an angbao

  2. 2 bottles of F&N strawberry

  3. Give teapot set to groomside

  4. Give a packet of ginko nuts, lotus seeds, red dates and dried longans to groom side

  5. Pass a pair of lamps to groom (which must be lighted throughout the day of marriage)

  6. Bride must give ang bao to groom's parents, siblings (for buying new clothes)..errrr..can't quite remember if this was done!Hahah

On the day of Guo Da Li, my mil also went over to our love nest to An Chuang. This is an important part of the Chinese tradition. Wonder if they got little dragon virgin boys to jump on my bed!hahaha....thereafter, we weren't suppose to sleep on the bed until wedding day. The items on the bed were to be placed on the bed for 3 days n no one is allowed to touch! All tresspassers will be prosecuted!