What we did this Teacher's Day

Saturday, September 3, 2016

This is getting crazy! It's September already? The last couple of months have been a whirlwind, what with shifting to our new crib and hosting parties every weekend; getting everyone readjusted; holidaying not once, but twice over a span of 2 months (which reminds me, I need to blog about that!), to scrambling to catch up with work and homeschooling! It's crazy I tell you and I am still trying to get things into full swing. However each time when I think I've succeeded at getting things into control, shit happens.

Oh well, I'm not here to rant, but to share with you what we have done for this Teacher's Day. I have been a private educator for the last two decades *horrors and sad to say, I have seen it all. The passion to celebrate teacher's day kindof stops right after you step into Secondary school. Ok, perhaps Secondary 1 is still fresh hence most would go back to their Primary school to visit their Chers. But, thereafter, the kids probably look forward to that day only because it is a holiday! Not saying they shouldn't, but well, I somehow feel that this day is loosing its meaning. In fact, sad to say, only the parents and those who were reminded by their parents, wished me a Happy Teacher's Day. I was showered with gifts no doubt, but they were all from the parents. Gone were the days where I had little ones making cards or flowers for me. The older ones were worse, no wishes and instead, made me do overtime via watsapp. -_-

Hey! Didn't I say I wasn't gonna rant?

In order to ensure that Big K understands the significance of this day, I involve her in making gifts for her teachers. Since she loves art and craft, I got her these to put together for her teachers. We started a month before as I knew it would be crazy for her to finish them all within a week. I wouldn't have the time to supervise too. It was nice to see how each pot blossomed. She painted those pots and fixed up most of those flowers. I only helped with the more intricate ones as well as flower arrangement.

Thankful for pre-cuts! I wouldn't have been able to cut them one by one!

Flower paradise!

These lovely calligraphy cards were generously shared by Daprayer. I adore her works! 

To all educators and ex educators, your dedication is amazing so here's to you A-Meh-Zing people,