How we celebrated SG51

Saturday, September 10, 2016

I know. National Day was long gone. But i find it a need to pen down what we did this year as it was pretty eventful. It was a good long break for most of us and I thought I had better make full use of it. A week leading to the long weekend, I have been getting the kids engaged in various National Day activities. If you don't already know, I am a sucker for thematic stuff and will go all out to prep those materials. I would rather the kids be engaged in activities than to spend time in front of the television or other devices. So even if it means killing a whole lot of brain cells and sacrificing sleep, I will do it! Below are some of the activities we did which perhaps you could consider doing with your little ones next year?

Feeding the Merlion activity inspired by a certain Mama J

Various activities we did, including the bunting inspired by A Happy Mum

Look at what BreadTalk came up with to commemorate SG51? Nice isn't it? The kids loved it. Well, they loved mainly the pork floss and left me with the plain bread. -_-

Ever since we shifted back to our own place, several people have been asking to come over for meals. We love hosting but it's getting a tad tiring to do it every.single.weekend. But since it's the long weekend, I had no excuse but to host my immediate family who has been patiently waiting :) So sorry to keep you waiting, guys! I didn't want to cater coz i hate over catering. And secondly, some wanted to try my cooking. Thirdly, I'm overambitious and mad. So I bit the bullet and whipped up what i could for close to 20 pax! Insane isn't it?

Salted Egg Prawns

Fried Bee hoon (ok this one wasn't done by me. I bought it from a stall downstairs :P)

Air Fried Sio Bak. 

Curry Chicken. Been a while since I cooked this hence I felt it wasn't quite up to standard that day.

Fried stuffed tau pok. Recipe adapted from The Domestic Goddess Wannabe

My Famous Har Jiong Gai! A success but a pain to fry so many of them! Tried air frying but it wasn't good at all. The result this round was fantastic. So much so, mom and my aunt asked me for my recipe as well as the brand of wok i used! haha

Ahhh and for desserts we had Mao Shan Wang durians!! Durians were in season and they were good this round so we couldn't miss it for the world! 

The next day was National Day and we decided to arrange a playdate. Brought the kids out for some good fun at the pool. It was scorching hot though!

Am so in love with this shot of both father and daughter! So much love!

These two were riding, riding and riding!

After a good swim, we continued our physical activities! We were all out to exhaust the kids in hope that they will sleep well! The night ended with dinner at a friend's place. Her place had excellent view of the fireworks and I think it left a deep impression on the kids. 

All the events leading up to National Day made me feel very blessed. I am thankful to be born in this country I call home. Many think that the pasture is greener out there, however, I think that Singapore is still a great place to live in. No doubt the standard of living is escalating, but hey, that's life in most countries right? So, Happy Birthday Singapore! I am so proud to be a Singaporean and happy that I am living in this clean and peaceful city.