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Sunday, April 17, 2016

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Today, I share with you our search for beds, in particular, toddler beds. I have grand plans to shift the two kids into one room. Let them fight it out bond and allow the hubs and I to have more privacy. Something which we haven't been having much of for the last 5 years. You see, to date, Big K still cosleeps with me and due to the current situation, Small K cosleeps with the daddy. Not very ideal considering that Small K was trained to be an independent sleeper since young. I am not sure how I'm gonna work out the transition, especially since Small K wakes up an hour earlier than the sister and still needs one feed at dawn. Big K on the other hand, has yet to be diaperless at night. I failed miserably and was told that I have to wait till she is ready, meaning, her diaper should be relatively dry when she wakes up. Every morning I pray that I get a light diaper but alas! It always weighs a ton. Sigh. So, we shall see, perhaps a new bed would entice her to be diaperless and perhaps sleeping together would allow Small K to quit having his night feed. Wishful thinking I hope not?

So, alright, we were looking high and low for a low loft bed. Below were some of which we have visited:

Photo credit: www.ikea.com 
The hubs was pretty insistent on going with Ikea. For the price. I mean, let's be honest, at $269, who could resist? His take was that even if it spoils, we could throw and get a new one and still save! I did entertain thoughts of getting the Kura reversible bed. However, the height wasn't ideal as Big K isn't diaperless yet at night. What if she tumbles down whilst climbing down to go to the loo? More importantly, I wasn't too confident of the wood. It didn't give me a sturdy feel too. Affordable it was, but my children's safety are of utmost importance. From a fengshui perspective, the bed has got to be sturdy. Your bed is the only piece of furniture that has the most intimate connection to your personal energy. The role of fengshui of your bed in relation to your health , well being and relationships cannot be underestimated.


Photo credit: www.kidshaven.sg

Kids Haven started out in 2010 when its founders were in search for practical, unique and affordable children's furnitures for her 2 young children. Indeed, when I browsed online, I saw a large range of beds. They have a good selection of designs beds like cars, safari, and carriages. I am sure all children would be able to find their dream bed here. We visited their Ubi outlet at Oxley Bizhub. The place was a tad difficult to find and when we finally entered the showroom, the lack of space made us very uncomfortable. The quality of the beds wasn't too impressive as well. Somewhat similar to Ikea. Perhaps we didn't get to see their solid pine wood range as the sales person was busy serving other customers and since nothing caught our eye, and after waiting for quite some time, we decided to move on. 


I love how sturdy their wood is and their matrix system meant that I could revamp the configuration in future as my children grow. Unfortunately, after several attempts in calling and contacting them via  private messages over on Facebook, I gave up. Their website had been down since 2 weeks ago. At the point of penning this post, it is still down. We wanted to make an appointment to view, but their couldn't reach them via phone. My messages via FB did not get replied either. So, sadly, we had to look for alternatives.


I didn't really think of Harvey Norman until a friend reminded me of it. It has quite a selection of designs and one particular deal caught my eye! A bed with a trundle going for $1399, complete with two mattresses! A steal! The wood looks pretty sturdy too. 


Our choice!

Situated at Funan and Liang Court, Ibenma has quite a selection of loft beds to excite the kids' imagination. They specialize in 100% finland pine wood, uses nontoxic materials and produced with conformity to ASTM and EN71 standard (haha, whatever that is! But sounds pro and reassuring right?). We popped by their shop at Liang Court and were immediately sold by the selection they they have. The showroom was nice and clean and the kids were having a wonderful time climbing up and down the beds. We tested the beds ourselves and it is definitely sturdy enough. Their modular system is also something which we have been looking for! So a low loft bed it is, from Ibenma! Only thing we weren't too excited about was that we had to top up $100 to get the ladder shifted to the width of the bed! Their stand was that they had to cut out a piece of wood from the width and put an additional piece of wood on the length. Sounds like a net effect to me, so why charge me an extra $100? I insisted that I didn't need that extra hole to be filled in at the length when the ladder is taken away, hence they should not charge me but they were pretty rigid and said that it is their factory standard that I had to take it as a bundle and could remove it in future if i wanted. -_-. If not for the fact that I had to have it done that way due to the configuration of the room, I wouldn't have paid that extra sum. I wanted a slide but decided against it, coz after all, a bedroom is for the kids to sleep in, not play! I wouldn't want to turn bedtime into a drag. As it is, getting them to bed takes me an hour! So, the bed for the kids has been confirmed. Our total damage: $860. $690 for the whitewashed bed frame, $70 for the ladder and $100 for the extra piece of wood.  


This site popped up several times on my FB thread, hence I decided to check them out. I was very impressed by the selection of designs and made a trip down to their showroom at Delta. Customer service was great and the selection was quite clear. 

Photo credits: www.castlery.com

Prior to going to the showroom, we already had our eyes on the above. The Cayson Bed. Its rustic feel is perfect for our bedroom. Made of solid Acacia wood, it has a mix of uneven distress wood treatment which I love. At a bundle price of $1599 inclusive of delivery, it didn't take long for us to make the decision.

SO Yay! We've got our beds selected! Now for the rest of the house! Stay tune as we will share with you more on our furniture shopping!