Review: The little ones in my life

Sunday, March 27, 2016

I have a confession. I am an addict. Quite a bad one actually. I prowl the Internet every night for good deals. Motherhood has given me the license to shop in my pyjamas. Many a times, new mommies (and seasoned ones too) would love a bit of retail therapy. However, more often than now, we don't have the luxury of time to zip off to the loo let alone to the brick and mortar shop to make our purchases. As such, I'm always on the look out for good sites to shop. 

I got to know thelittleonesinmylife since the birth of Big K. Through the years, I have seen how the woman behind this company, Audrey, grew. In terms of family size as well as her business and product range. The tenacity this woman has is amazing! I really wonder sometimes how she juggles between her family, her business, her travels and her Korean dramas. She is an avid Kpop, Kdrama fan in case you would like to know. 

Ok, back to the focus of my review. The website. Its online presence is one that is no frills. You can shop for the item you want base on brands or categories. Their best selling products are also featured right on top hence you couldn't miss it. Also, if you would like to get a fellow mommy a gift and are not sure what exactly to get, simply click on a gift voucher over at TLO and surprise that mommy. Shipping is also very straightforward. Apart from the usual normal post/ courier, you may also wish to pick up your stuff at their retail outlet at Hougang which is conveniently located near Kovan MRT station. 

thelittleonesinmylife is dedicated to bringing great products from Korea to Singapore. Audrey believes that Korean quality is superior as they have strict laws on baby products and they go through rigorous product testing. 

Below are some of the stuff which I had purchased:

Happy Blossom Premium Pants Diapers
Now, I know that the Korean and Japanese have always been great at producing diapers. Hence I decided to give this a try. It is said that it has ultra absorption features and great breathability. I particularly love the tape behind which aids rolling up the diaper during disposal. There is also a urine indicator which tells you when to change! How cool is that! I have been buying diapers online for a while now simply because, they are so heavy to lug home! So when i saw that TLO stocks up on diapers as well, I was thrilled!

Stick on Fever indicator
Choy Choy choy!!! We certainly hope that we do not need to use this! However, having it around is indeed a useful tool. When your little one is ill, the last thing you want is for the cranky little one to be awoken and wailing in the middle of the night, just because you have to take his temperature with a thermometer! This stick-on is safe and effective and allows you to monitor your child's temperature up to 48 hours! With such a cute design, which kid can resist?

Baby One Milk Bags
This is one product which I have been using for a while. Instead of storing powdered milk in bulky containers, why not use these instead. It is safe for the baby and is great for travelling! Cheers to a flatter diaper bag!

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Here's some goodies for my readers. Get 15% off with a minimum purchase of $88 simply by keying in the discount code: TheMMM. Code expires on 31 May 2016, So what are you waiting for?

Have fun shopping!

*I was gifted with shopping credits from TLO
 to purchase the above products. Any excess was paid through my own pocket. No additional monetary compensation has been received and I do not stand to gain any commission from sales using the discount code given to my readers. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.