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Thursday, March 24, 2016

I spent the last two nights rushing to complete my set of Easter materials for the kids. I thought this grand plan of mine would be easy to pull off but gosh it wasn't! Not when Big K decided that 1130pm was her bedtime as some clever caregiver of mine allowed her to sleep during dinner time! 

Anyhoots, I love occasions and festivals. It gives me an excuse to craft and home learn according to themes. Otherwise most of the time I am rather random. I haven't quite done much in the past few Easters. Mainly just some colouring of eggs or making of a rabbit mask. This time, I was inspired by many avenues and decided to try them out! Here's sharing some of our activities!

This idea was shared by a certain Mama J whom I got acquainted with over a forum. She is such a creative mother, whose passion to create high quality home learning stuff for her 28mo child, inspires me. This series of eggs were painstakingly cut and stuck onto. The aim of this activity could be lots. Teaching Big and small; Matchy matchy; Egg hunt....the options are endless!

Here you go, another activity which Mama J shared with me. I tweaked the instructions a little to fit both my kids. 

Big K loves art. And since we don't do art enrichment, this crazy mama has goto to buck up at home. 

In order to reinforce Big K's phonics, I have done up these flashcards. Words beginning with the letter E since E is for Easter. It was recommended by a teacher that yellow is to be used as the background colour to capture the child's attention.

I bought these amazingly cute pens for Big K's classmates. I traditionally don't do that but they were so cute and cheap, how can I not buy right?! $1 for a pack of 3! I printed the tags off http://lilluna.com/easter-gift-tags/http://lilluna.com/easter-gift-tags/
To incorporate learning, I got Big K to write the words "From xxxx" on each tag. 

To train visual discrimination.

Practical Life: Deshelling of quail eggs

And after deshelling, what can we do to them? Eat of course!
I had left overs for those colourful plastic eggs and decided that Small K could use them in a scooping exercise to practise his motor skills. These could later be filled with beads or buttons to create shakers. You could also have a mix of shakers and non shakers and have a box with two holes (one that says "with sound" and the other "no sound) and get the little one to decide which hole it should go into.

Feed the rabbit. I DIYed this rabbit out of tissue box and toilet rolls and a few scraps of paper. The pom poms could be popped into the rabbit's ear and help develop Small K's motor skills. I turned it into an addition game for Big K by popping the relevant number of balls into each ear and got her to say out the answer and check by counting the pompoms in the mouth.

I love it when one craft can be of multiple uses. Again, we fed the rabbit. This time however, we fed it with different shaped carrots. An activity mainly for Small K but both kids were able to play with each other. Ahhhhh a moment of zen.

Found these eggs at a shop along Bugis and thought Why not? Turned it into a matchy matchy game.

These has got to be their favourite!!! Real eggs? noo..... These are SLIME! Yup, children always seem to have a penchant for slime. It kept them amused for a good 20minutes and we all know what 20minutes of peace means!

Bought these cute little chicks from Cold Storage. $3.90 for 8. The nest was going at $4.90. I really didn't want to buy coz it would mean extra stuff in a small small place. But there were just too cute to resist. I turned it into a number game for Small K. He is to pick a card from the nest and take the corresponding number of chicks. As for Big K, it is once again, used as a counting/ addition game. 

Singing and playing to the tune of 5 little rabbits jumping on the bed!

Here is an activity to teach Small K his ABCs. Printable courtesy of www.totschooling.net 

Matching the right shapes. Small K has been displaying great ability in shapes. This is just to reinforce. Printable courtesy of www.totschooling.net

One of their favourites: What comes next?
Printable courtesy of www.totschooling.net

So there you have it. Hope you guys enjoyed the activities! Have a blessed weekend ahead!

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