Review: Playbear steamer

Sunday, November 1, 2015

I've been feeling extremely lazy of late. My sink has been swamped with dirty dishes and more often than not, most of those dishes aren't used by me or the hubs. You see, we are now temporarily staying with the in laws (7 people in a small place amongst boxes) and each time, I'm the last to sleep hence, the onus is on me. I mean, seriously, how to turn a blind eye when all the leftovers are on the dining table where I'll do my work every night? Plus, I need to get best (only) daughter-in-law award right? And the mountain of clothes waiting to be folded is becoming Mt Everest. I'm oblivious to this all. Indifferent. Not sure what's happening because it isn't my peak season. Too overwhelmed perhaps by the fact that the kids has been falling ill. To the extent of Big K being admitted into hospital. That was followed by Small K who had bronchitis. Seriously knackered and don't know how i pull through each day. On the kitchen front, things have also been pretty laid back too. The dishes whipped up aren't exciting, but they are still nutritious and edible. I'm unable to visit the wet market or stock up stuff I'd like to cook hence, dishes have been pretty mundane. Since I'm so unmotivated to wash tons of pots, I decided to invest in a new toy. The following were what I've been cooking for lunch:

Soya sauce chicken stewed for approximately an hour; mixed brown rice steamed for 30mins of which during the last 15mins i paused to add in a tier of cod fish. In between, i was busy doing other chores and entertaining the kids.

#throwback in the old place. Everything except the soup was prepared using the steamer. Soup was easily cooked using a slow pot.  Egg was a tad pockmarked as I had forgotten to put a cover to it.

Tadah! This is the machine which I'm raving about! There are presets for stuff like cooking rice. You can also set your own timing. What you need to note is to ensure there's sufficient water. The technology works the same way as a milk warmer. It is really compact and for once the hubs was supportive of my purchase! Often he'll roll his eyes as kitchen stuff are usually pretty bulky. Not this! N it seems to be very popular amongst OLs as well.Not surprising as it's really healthier to cook your own lunch rather than to dine out. N by having this little gadget, the risk of burning down the office is low. And at home, it's a great help as i wouldn't need to check on the fire and can set it to cook as i bring the kids down for some playground fun. This baby is definitely here to stay!

*No monetary compensation has been received. All opinions expressed are entirely my own and written according to my experience in using the product.

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  1. I've the Electric LunchBox ... Much as I think pretty much the same function... but yours look better! Argh! My kitchen (house) is getting too much stuff!