My first high jewellery invite by Chanel

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

14th october. A date to remember. The day i married my love of 18yrs. Unfortunately, this year he wasn't in town..surprise surprise. The man has been away for so long even his son is showing signs that this man is a stranger. Being wife to a frequent flyer is no easy task. Many view me as some supermum but honestly, i would rather take off my cape and be a human once in a while. Being the woman behind such a man takes a lot of emotional strength and one way to ensure you don't get all emo over the fact that he is unromantic and may not even remember this day; or the fact that you won't be receiving any handmade presents/ flowers/ jewellery or for that matter, anything at all, is to pack your day with activities! Be surrounded with love and friends. Don't be on your own am let the mind go wild.

So the Chanel invite couldn't come at a more timely occasion. I've never been to a fine jewellery exhibition hence didn't know what to expect. I was told to just chill, pamper myself with canapes and champagne. So that's what I did! It was held at the heritage-packed Fulleton Hotel. Great pairing. Fine jewellery with fine hotel.

The Lion of Saint Mark’s
Photo © Chanel Joaillerie

The purpose of this show was mainly to introduce the Sous Le Signe Du Lion Collection. A lot of Chanel's past was shared with us. Chanel’s admiration for the lion originates from her birth under the star sign of Leo, but her true adoration of the majestic feline transpired at an incredibly difficult time for the talented designer.  She fled from Paris to Venice after the tragic death of Arthur "Boy" Capel, the love of her life. Arriving by train in August 1920, Venice and its winged lions, which can be seen throughout the city, reinvigorated her sullen spirit with endless sources of inspiration.

Pictures of her apartment was shared with us and the look and feel of the place was completely different from what I had imagine. there were lots of power and strength in her interior decoration at her rue Cambon apartment in Paris. Lots of wood and little statues which included a fengshui toad/ frog!

Reflecting her fondness for Venice, the new collection re-imagines its roaring mascot and Byzantine mosaics in dazzling diamonds and precious gemstones in splendid detail.  
The collection captures this king of cats in spectacular jewels. It is Chanel’s favorite feline and a testament to Chanel’s prowess in high jewellery design.

The jewelled lion of craftsmanship! Now, would anyone be keen on getting me a $240k birthday present? :P I look good with it right?

Painting in progress. This lady has never had any training in painting but she paints like a pro!

That's me on the bike, riding along Venice. The details of my top were drawn in as well! Meticulous! Hopefully, one day I'll be able to visit the place and have coffee by the river. Such tranquility which I can only dream of right now.

So the entire afternoon was pleasantly whiled away. Made some new friends, had champagne and finely prepared canap├ęs. That's not a bad way to spend my wedding anniversary. Now, it would be perfect if the hubs ends it off with a present from Chanel. Haha...

PS: the hub DID remember to text me a Happy anniversary at the stroke of midnight! I was pleasantly surprised and in fact, truth be told, I forgot it was already 14th October! haha. AND, to add to his credits, he DID buy me a present and in his words, it was the most expensive tee shirt he has ever bought me! Well, Lucky me!


  1. hahahah glad you had a good time! Coffee by the river in Venice can be pretty SMELLY! hahahah I rather you tea at San Marco but that's gonna cost you! Still, some more needs to be spent to indulge being in a romantic city like Venice.

    1. hahahah SMelly ah? see la..i sua ku never go before...i think i must start saving now n perhaps by age 60, i'll go have kopi at San Marco