Small K's Full Month Bash

Thursday, September 4, 2014

WHAT?? Did you say that ma boy is already 3months old and I've yet to publish the post about his full month bash?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME? This is really efficiency at its peak! Time flies doubly fast with two in tow! Things are really intense on the forefront but I can't say the same on the blogging scene. I have tons of drafts hibernating!

Ok, throwback.......
We had a bash for the boy at the National Service Resorts Country Club 1.5mths after his birth. Yeah, I know, it was suppose to be a full month party but unfortunately, the man of the house is a bit of a procrastinator hence he was a tad late in booking the place. It was the school holiday period so one should really plan way in advance. However, it was tough to book way in advance coz we really didn't know when Small K will make his appearance to this world. Anywayz, fast forward, I managed to settle the decorations before i gave birth. Yes, i was that excited. Afterall, this might just be the last time I'm organising a full month party. Here's sharing some of the proud highlights of the party:

Printed these lovely bunters out and painstakingly cut and threaded them. Ok, it wasn't that tough actually. 

 The cupcake stand (above) and nautical spirals (below) were gotten a month before I popped. All from Oriental Trading. A much talked about centrepiece. 


Which party would be complete without a balloon?  Helium balloon sculptures are in vogue these days but i wasn't gonna spend good money on those.  That said, it is a little strange without balloons at a kids party so i sourced for the cheapest! The above nautical balloon is from was so thankful it's just round the corner from our place and we could self collect to save some dollars. Several places were charging $20-30 per delivery and I was so reluctant to top up for that considering that Singapore's such a small country!

Cupcake toppers made once again,  by yours truly :) compared:to what i did for Big K on terms of diys (which you can see here), this is NOTHING!

The yummilicious cupcakes were from Lynda Ann's. An unpretentious little bakery situated at Bedok North. (PS: LOVE LOVE LOVE their rainbow cake by the way)

The gifts for relatives were from Sweetest moments as they were the most value for money and had all the traditional stuff. Giving to relatives is a a tricky thing. As much as I love those new-style mochi or cupcake filled packages, the oldies wouldn't fancy such stuff. They would rather the red eggs, the glutinous rice and the ang gu kway. I did, however, got the thank you card specially designed, in sync with the theme. That, at least, gives it a modern twist.Printing of the card was complimentary.

Buffet from Smiling Orchid. Unlike the first time with Big K, we did two rounds of buffet this time. Reason being, the crowd was mightier. You see, during Big K's time, the MIL claimed that it isn't the family's tradition to hold such fancy parties hence there was no need to invite the extended family. (PS: she however invited her own siblings!) My FIL has a hoard of siblings. 7 i think, plus the hubby's cousins and all, it's really quite a kampong. I took her word for it, only to be surprised that all the cousins were throwing such parties thereafter! Imagine my embarrassment! Big K was afterall, the first grandchild of the family! So this time round, I didn't bother and just decided to invite the entire village...Small K is, afterall, the first grandSON of the family and by far the only male descendant of the entire clan of the generation. It doesn't look like we are getting any other males at the rate the rest are going ie either not getting married or not interested in having kids. So yeah, the FIL was delighted and started calling and sms-ing his siblings. It's not that I'm favouring boys over girls but I know, that the FIL is afterall a very traditional man.

So I catered high tea for an estimated crowd size of 60. But guess what? part of the kampong was probably misinformed and came with empty tummies, hence by 4pm (buffet started at 3pm), more than half the food was GONE! even drinks weren't enough! Can't blame me as there were groups of unexpected guests. You know, the friend of mom's...the aunty's children's children whom you have not seen in years and didn't even know they got married! Yup, all those were stuff I didn't anticipate. I should have, given that my first experience with the in laws wasn't too successful either. They couldn't give me numbers and it would be rude of me if I asked for a rsvp.  I did my own estimates, discussed with the hubs and we came up with the number which we thought was close. I guess not. Could tell that the MIL was a tad embarrassed by the situation as she asked if she could take the cupcakes from the fridge and serve it to her friends. Those cupcakes were actually reserved for friends and kids who were coming later as I thought sweets weren't quite the old folk's cup of tea. By then, the whole clan knew that things weren't enough and when I was giving out the cake packages, they even told me to keep it for my friends in case I had not enough!! EMBARRASSING right? I had to explain that those were specially ordered for them and i had ordered more than enough. 

We had round two for friends at 630pm. Back to back and i was almost flat! The turnout wasn't quite as overwhelming as some we're caught up with work,  overseas or have taken ill. But i had quite a good catch up with some old friends and was really glad they came to share our joy.

 My star of the day!

The boy was very coorporative. Cried only when he needed his feeds or when he was lonely. I couldn't say the same for the girl. She was a little emo that day. Wasn't her usual chirpy self. Instead, she refused to interact with the crowd, some of whom she was familiar with and only stuck with the grandpa and daddy, out by the garden. This could be due to the fact that she didn't take her nap earlier that day, or simply a case of jealousy. To date, she's sometimes still making things difficult for me when I'm attending to the little brother, especially when it's feeding time. She'll demand for her milk as well when she actually had hers half an hour ago!

She was all smiles whilst outdoors playing sand with the Daddy. Because of that, I was all alone entertaining the guests. I was like a headless bee flying around trying to handle 101 things. It was a madhouse especially when the guests left and I had to grab the gifts for them! I only have but one pair of hands right? Help unfortunately was scarce. 

A picture with the cousins! Can't tell we r years apart right?  Not sure if i should feel old or young when standing next to them.  Two r still students while I'm already a mother of two.

The boy woke up bright and cherry. He did pretty good in an unfamiliar environment.  Slept quite well,  waking up only once. Love his smiles every morning!

Although I was terribly tired by the end of it all, I was really happy that I managed to put together some memorable times. Only regret was I didn't get enough photos taken. Due to budget constraints, I could only get the cousin to take some shots with her DSLR. Not all the guests were involved as I had to bring her round and prompt her to take shots else it'd be pretty weird for her as well. N clearly I wasn't too free to do so. 

We were very blessed this round to be showered with a whole lot of ang baos and gifts. We would like to thank all our friends and relatives for the wonderful gifts and of course, to create this wonderful memory with us!