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Monday, March 31, 2014

I love shopping. Any kind! but these days, it's more of online shopping because with a toddler, a bun in the oven and work, there's absolutely no time to saunter along the racks of clothes as much as I would love to. The lovely people at Paley & Love probably heard me and gifted me recently with credits to shop on their blogshop.

Paley & Love is an online children’s clothing store which focuses on bringing in a wide variety of trendy and comfortable clothes for children aged 6months to 10 years’ old.  It is the brainchild of 2 travelholic and shopaholic parents who are always on the look out for stylish apparels for their children. Being fashion-conscious globetrotters, they have put together designs which are wearable, comfortable, unique, stylish and affordable. They know how challenging it is to shop with active and playful children, browse through racks of clothes and wait for the sales assistant to check in the backroom for sizes. So, they peddle everything online for you where you can browse our awesome collection 24/7 in peace.

I tried to contain any excitement which was working out coz I know that the little ones outgrow their outfits oh-so-fast! Then again, Lil K doesn't quite do the same! She's 28months old now but is still able to fit in a 12mo outfit! Despite the fact that she doesn't require us to spend much in the fashion department, rummage through her drawers and you'll see a sizable number of outfits. I browsed through their navigation friendly website and found myself in the Girl's department. Saw a couple of cute florals but chickened out slightly. You see, I'm not too big on florals and as such, I'm often made to think that Lil K wouldn't look too great in them. We have amassed tons of pinks for Lil K and it was time to scour the market for more neutrals otherwise they might suffer a quick demise. I managed to haul a couple of good buys. Being mommies, we often have to search for good quality clothings at affordable price and over at Paley and Love, the pricings definitely would not hurt your pocket. I would have thought that with such pricings, packaging would be compromised, but surprisingly, every item was separately packed in a plastic bag and comes with a pretty card. Meticulous indeed.

Every item also comes with a little card that directs you to their website for care instructions. I Love the cute little squirrel they have as part of their logo! 
A squirrel represents energy, play, prudence, balance, socializing, preparation & resourcefulness. This resonates with the brand because our clothes are meant for the playful children who are always a bundle of joy and energies. They love to play and they love to have playmates. It also represents our resourcefulness in seeking and offering fashionable, comfortable & affordable clothes for them.

Getting the biggest bang for my buck has always been a challenge so this time round, I was pleased to get some whimsical but practical stuff which fits Lil K perfectly. So without further ado, let me present my adorable model and my loots:

I know these look boyish...well that's coz I got them from the boy's category! haha

I somehow am inclined to dressing Lil K in boyish outfits. Look how nicely she carries these ensembles! :)

Really tough to be taking a good shot of Lil K these days...she's so mobile!

So if you spot something you like, do not hesitate to add it to your cart coz things there might run out fast due to their limited quantities. Something good as who would want their child to run into some other toddler dressed in the same outfit? Embarrass much?

Here’s the best part for you. The kind people at Paley and Love are offering a 10% discount for the readers of themishmashmess for the month of April 2014. All you have to do is to enter the promotional code Paley0T when you check out. The standard shipping and exchange terms apply.

They are also giving away $20 vouchers to 5 lucky readers

 Validity period of voucher: 1 May to 30 June


Details of Paley and Love:
 twitter - @paleyandlove
instagram - @paleyandlove #paleyandlove

*I was gifted $100 credit to try out the service for the review. Any excess was paid out of my own pocket. No additional monetary compensation has been received. All opinions expressed are entirely my own and written according to my experience in using the products.


  1. She looks great in those outfits! Thanks for hosting this giveaway! :)