The Adventures of Kaelyn

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

It's been a while...a long while in fact that I've updated this space. I've been faced with life's biggest challenge -- THE BIRTH of Little Pumpkin. There had been so much drama, I dont know where to start. But, for the sake of documentation, I shall start from the very beginning, so bear with me.

9th November 2011 (Wednesday)
The cervix is still as stubborn as can be.
Status: Unripe.
We are already 40wks +3days overdue and Dr Ho suggested admitting to ripen the cervix. Typically, it takes an average of 2-3days to ripen which works out to be 10/ 11th November. Hoping that lil bub's birthday would be on 11.11.11, I went with the plan. In I went into the cold delivery suite. Waiting there like a old fat duck as the hub likes to call me. Was a tad guilty that he had to bring along his laptop to work. The wait was ardous. The pill was inserted at 10am and by 3pm I was experiencing fake contractions. It came fast and furious at 2 minute intervals. To think that these weren't half as painful as the real contractions! The hub went home for dinner (with my blessings), during which I tried to alleviate the pain by some in-room entertainment -- Channel 8. Later that night, the hub had the audacity to suggest meeting a friend for a cup of tea and even said he does not intend to stay as there wasn't a proper bed. True, there was only a leather chair which doesn't exactly look comfy, but hey! THE WIFE IS IN LABOUR!

In the delivery suite. Obviously way before the pains came.

10th November
Status: cervix is ripened and I'm 2cm dilated (SHIT...means I might not hit 11.11.11).
The pain was getting excruciating and no amount of laughing gas was able to mask it. In fact, it wasn't that easy to get the laughing gas activated. I had to breathe in really hard in order to experience the true effects. I was floating on cloud nine literally. Try drinking 10 shots of tequila. It'd be the same effect unless you are a drinker. I heard buzzes and was not able to reply coherently. All I could do was to give the thumbs up or down. Fortunately, telepathy with the hub did not fail. He could decipher my messages rather accurately. At one point I was shivering in pain rather badly. I came out of the toilet, hunched and in shivers. The hub held me by the hand and my head was buried in his chest. His first response: Can you walk properly please? URGH
Seeing that I was in such pain, the nurse suggested epidural. So Epi it was...ahhhhhhhh....relief! Prior to that however, it was pretty painful. The shot was made into the spine and I had to curl up like a foetus and not move. Any movement could render me paralyze. I breathed in the laughing gas so hard, it was no longer funny. After half an hour -- Instant relief! However, I was shivering uncontrollably and I really thought it would go on and I would shiver to death! Prior to injecting, they did get me to sign an agreement stating that I'm aware of all the known side-effects of epidural like shivering, nauseousness, headache etc....However, I think it's such a horrid practice as I'm in so much pain, how would I have the sanity and the rationale to read and digest every line! thank God for the hub.
The freaking needle was apparently very thick. Obviously i didnt see!

Time: 830am
Dr Ho announced that I was only 3cm dilated and he broke my waterbag to induce the labour. A drip was used to hasten the process. By 230pm, i was 4cm and he instructed the nurse to up the dosage of induction. by 430pm i was only 5cm. It was then that the critical decision had to be made. If we were to go on waiting for the magical 10cm, it could take another 24hours and the baby could be in distress. Not only so, lil bub may already have learnt to poo and be breathing in her own poo, which isn't ideal. So an emergency Csection was ordered. By 450pm I was cut opened. Got my desired anesthetist -- Dicky Tay. He was great at distracting me, but all i could say was "please be gentle". They said I would not feel a thing. IT"S A LIE!! i felt the cut (ok, it wasn't pain but nevertheless, I could feel)...then i felt the tug! This was definitely of mild pain. The stitches was done quickly and professionally (though the dr and anesthetist were engrossed in their discussion of some worldly news). In approximately 10 minutes, the lil bub was out!

Hey what are you looking at?

The feeling at that moment was indescribable. Her wails was so magical and I was still in a state of delusion. Was this real? Am I a mommy? I did not know how to react the moment Lil bub was brought to me for skin to skin contact. The bond was strange but heart warming.

This screaming, red-faced, scrunched-up, tiny little bundle all wrapped up like a spring roll was in my arms. My heart melted like ice-cream on a hot road -- God has bestowed me a beautiful gift -- my daughter Kaelyn

This marks, once again, a New Life, New Beginning!