40 weeks + 2 days

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The long weekend had been plagued with loads of well wishes, texts, emails etc coming in. Why? 6 December is suppose to be the B-Day. But I guess my little pumpkin is rather picky of the date and quite clever I must say according to the below calendar:

Am officially 40 wks and 2 days today. Went to the obstetrician for a check and guess what? the cervix has not ripen but apparently I'm experiencing irregular contractions!! wow! And the whole time I was thinking those were pushes and kicks by lil pumpkin. Lil pumpkin's a pretty feisty one so I wasn't suspecting anything when things got a little intense. According to the nurses, first time mommies tend not to feel the contractions initially. However, as my cervix has yet to soften and ripen, Dr Ho could not induce me. I wasn't sure if that was a blessing or not as I've heard induction's contractions are more painful!! Apart from that, if one were to be induced and the waterbag has yet to burst, the gynae will have to use a rod to prick it! OUCH! After laying out the cards, we decided to place a pill to soften the cervix n probably inducing. It was professional of the gynae to let us know all the options but he was scaring us with all sorts of scenarios! I hate bad thoughts and have been trying to keep them at bay, but it was good to be educated as the hub was clearly concern and worried. Even Dr Ho could tell. So I guess right now we can only leave things in the hands of God. I pray that things will go smooth and as seamless and painless as possible!

Now that I know how a contraction feels, i get paranoid each time my tummy tightens. Can't seem to time it coz I've yet to establish the difference between the prickling sensation, lil pumpkin's stretching and contraction. am doing some last minute packing now that I may have to be admitted earlier (ie. more $ involved. sigh). Seeing Dr Ho again tmw. Within two days, the damage has amounted to $540 at least. The whole year's payroll is being sucked dry!

To keep my mind off things, guess what i did yesterday:

Was initially planning to go for Dim Sum @ East Coast, but they required a minimum of 4 pax for the a la carte buffet, thus after reading heaps of good reviews of the tarts at Imperial Treasures, I decided to make things happen! How could one just have Dim Sum at Imperial? it's called the Imperial Treasures Super Peking Duck for a reason. The duck was HEAVENLY!!!! but a little pricey -- $68++ and on top of that, if you wanted them to fry the "remains" of the duck, there's a top up of $15.

The tarts and Char Siew Sou were OHHHH soooo GOOD!!!
I'm not a big fan of custard buns but this was oozing great!

After the early morning Dim Sum, we went for drinks at Canele. Xmas bells are ringing....time really flies! Thereafter, the hub decided to make me exercise a bit and we shopped around for 2-3hours! TIRING! the legs were aching like mad at the end of the day! Wonder if that could be the trigger for contractions.