Fondue & Foie Gras

Saturday, July 11, 2009

雨。The day started at 730am. Nothing to anticipate about given that it's a Saturday. As if to spite me, it started to rain minutes before I embarked on my journey. Was pretty sore as I should be snuggled under the sheets with the cool air drifting through the window louvers. Seeing sweetie still in bed doesn't make me hormonally balanced. Fortunately, the day went by fast and i looked forward to the warm welcome of my home. Suffice to say, it was a real treat. However, the house was kindof messy. Heaps of clothings await me...I cleared those. Would have to do a mountain of ironing tmw. I'm constantly in perennial denial that those clothes would just straighten themselves if I place them in the heap long enough. An indescribable feeling engulfs me each time I do chores.

Had KFC for dinner. What a treat! hadn't had it for the longest time. Went Ikea and bought a whole lot of storage. Was really elated as it's gonna make my house more organised. Inspired by V&G, I'm probably gonna make a video of my house -- my pride and joy! Ikea was bustling with life and it was rather stifling to be shopping with a whole lot of people. Typical Singaporeans, rushing to a place when there's a sale! After being pushed and shoved by hordes of busy shoppers, sweetie and I went over to E&L's place for a chillout session.

Don't be envious, but we had Fondue, fried anchovies with chilli padi (a great beer snack!); top shell (still love the way I do it *Wink*) and bread. Not some ordinary bread...and that's certainly not some ordinary garlic spread, but Foie Gras! Talk about luxurious supper snacks! Together with a full-bodied red wine / beer, it makes this day all the more fullfilling!

This is totally random. But thought I should share nevertheless. A month ago, I had a visitor right above the pillar before my house. Saw it past midnight and almost freaked out! It was a moth, the size of my palm! I kid you not! It was the first time seeing such a gigantic species and I tried my best to contain my screams as it was an unearthly hour. Talk about Bug's Life!