Sue them!! Complain queen strikes!

Monday, June 30, 2008

I swear I'm gonna kick up a big fuss re the accident yesterday. No apologies nevermind, rude hand gestures also nevermind, threat and harrassment also nevermind. BUT the trouble i had to go through to report the matter really got me fuming! I had to go to 22 Martin road b4 4pm today to report the matter coz according to the new law passed by the government, any accident, big or small, has to be reported. Thus, fearing the worst, i became the law-abiding citizen which i had been trained since young. upon reaching and waiting for like 10mins, the lady said i was at the wrong place! DAMN IT. was directed to Toyota Lengkee road instead. It's apparently the reporting centre. saw Toyota and went in. Saw insurance department and went in, only to be directed to yet another vicinity --24 Leng Kee Road! Kaoz. amidst the heat, Baby and I braved the sweltering weather and walked from 33 to 24 lengkee. Finally, i could make my report. next time people, please remember to take down all details from the other driver. name, ic num, contact number etc. I only had his car plate number which i secretly took down for fear he might hit me. Now i have to go through the ordeal of searching which company is he under. not gonna be a tough case to crack since there's just a few companies with merc cabs. =)

Realli appreciate the fact that baby accompanied me to go through all these trouble. Really dont know how i survive without him! THANK U DEAR!