Bacon Chix, Chawamushi & Dou Miao

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Roasted Bacon Wrapped Chicken Drumstick. Roasted to perfection! the Garlic and lemon smell is totally infused into the chix!
SEE!! Perfect! No wrinkles or pockmarks! absolutely Smooth Chawamushi! Tastes great too!
The perfect meal for two..Awwwww
Ooo What big eyes you have!
Check out this Giant Sotong! it's as long as my forearm!

Today started off a little gloomy. Having woken up at 730am on a Saturday, it's a wonder why i'm still so alert at this hour of the night. After work at noon, sweetie and I went Parkway to do our grocery shopping. I was determined to whip up a simple meal this evening. N Boy did I outdo myself! I was amazed! Tmw's menu is gonna be a seafood feast:

* Baked Cod with Garlic Mayo

* Baked Soya Sauce Chix Wings

* French Beans with bacon bits

* Drunken Prawns

* Pepper Sotong

Wish me luck! Thanks wokkingmum!