What date issit today?

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Bye Bye Washington Bridge
Sands motel-- Our "suite" @ Niagara Falls

Time flies. Memories fade. Well, u can say that again coz me and sweetie totally forgotten what date issit. It's normal when u are having such fun for such a long time and totally put your work aside. Well anyway, in case u are just as lost as us, it's the 29th of December. It's gonna be the end of 2007 (n yes, it's already 2008 n yet i'm updating 2007 events! Janice, u gotto move on gal)

Anyway, nothing much happened today. We went to WB outlet again. Shopping is becoming a bore when your money is running out. Amex even sms my honey to tell him that his limit is almost up! OOPS! well serves him right....he bought a TAG HEUER 2000 series. I wanted my monaco too..but it was too ex la. That night, we ate @ Applebee with Jiazhou n Esther. Was pretty sad that we were leaving New York that day. I mean wonder, when we'll get to see them again.

Next day, we had to go back to fetch Neil. Unfortunately his 20 yr old jeep had to break down on the day we were suppose to meet @ Niagara. So off we went to fetch him. Along the way, we stayed at Hilton Inn. My dears, it's Hilton..but an inn. haha..but seriously not bad. Big, microwave, fridge(no bar sorry). Finally, we met up with the Ross family and drove up. it took us 6 hours!!!! Almost died coz we had to squeeze in the jeep n could not wind down windows for fresh air coz it was pretty cold out there. (At least I was cold. apparently I'm always cold! I'm an ANIMAL!) Once we arrived, it was evening liao, we recee on the American side and decided to go to the falls on Canada side the next day. Looking forward as tmw will be New Yr's eve!