Today's a special day

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Guess what day is today? (it's 27th Feb that I'm talking about by the usual, my blogging isn't very up to date). yes I'm a year older. Groan. Happy birthday to me! Strangely, this year came without much feeling. Perhaps coz of the stress I'm facing with work and earning more money for future expenses. Having a house and family certainly comes with a lot of nagging financial problems. We really have to learn to hold each other's hands and not quarrel too often over monetary matters. But it's easier said than done la. Got money then no quarrels lor. Life is such. So sad. Revolves around money and materialistic wealth. Sick.

Anyway, it's sad that my parents didn't call me to wish me Happy bday ;-(.....they dont love their little gal liao. ;-(

well, nevermind, nothing to be sad about. It's another year of being older. That's not really a welcoming thought. Especially when i'm getting forgetful. I thought I was getting senile but after chatting with Rachel, I realised that it's normal! U can be thinking about something for one minute, and when u arrived at the place to do that task, u forget!!! n it takes u forever to remember! That's horrendous!

Anyone care to guess wat was my present?