Day 5 -- Las Vegas Here we come!

Monday, February 4, 2008

We were upgraded to this room at the Flamingo. I love the bed!
Though it's an old establishment, it has modern tech.
Am i in Paris?
The Venetian...There're even gondolas in a manmade river
The Belagio. WE could see its fountain displays from our room, nightly!

Treasure Island -- There's even a pirate ship at its entrance. Talk about grand!

Do u know there's a monorail running along the Strip?

New York New York! Now who needs to go there to see the actual Statue of Liberty when there's one right at the entrance of this hotel!

Day 5 (19/12): Oh my, this is getting tirin...not the trip la...trip's find except for the contant map reading...but the blogging part is the tiring part! But it's part of my new yr resolution to blog down I MUST PERSERVE! We checked out real early. so early the Indian fellow in charge of the inn wasn't even awake. had to buzz the bell several times. loaded our luggage n were ready to go. Along hte way to Vegas, we saw this interesting road -- ZZYZX!hahaha..what a name. After travelling for about an hour, we arrived at Disneyland @ 8am. yes, we thought that the early bird catches the worm, but apparently, there were many sparrows around too! But fortunately the q was a short wait. Bought tix and cost us $66 per pax! GOSH! had breakfast, al fresco style at a cafe. Shared and spent $20 on one set!!! at exactly 9am, everyone started Cheonging. N being Singaporeans, how can we not join in the fun? However, the entrance was very lovely. With flowers and castles...we just had to stop to take a photo or two. Many ppl however were rushing off. I wonder why. until much later did i realise they were rushing off to the rides. The queues at the popular rides like the Nemo submarine was amazingly long. I tink the waitin time would have to be 4hours! I'm not kidding u. Thus, we end up taking kiddy rides like the Pinnochio ride and the "it's a smal world" ride. i almost slept boy! They were nice, but i guess we've outgrown it. We walked around till1 2noon before deciding to head off to Vegas. but along the way, how could we resist yet another shopping opportunity?!..bought loads at an outlet. had mac for lunch. *getting sick now*

Arrived at Vegas, The Flamingo Hotel. An old but nicely decorated hotel. Smells a little funny though. Walked the Strip but my feet were killing me. Those boots coupled with the water retention from sitting too long in airplane, totally hurt my joint. the sides of my feet were so pain i just couldn't walk. Coupled with the fact that I was still bleeding, the whole journey wasn't pleasant. I could sense that my dearest wasn't too happy but there's nothing much he could do but sulk. Oh but the nice thing was, we stopped at Planet Hollywood casino n played the slot machine. I slotted in $10 n won $40!!hhaha lucky me. that solved the next meal! At night, we headed to Dennys...again, for the usual buffalo wings n gorgeous Oreo Shake!