Day 3 & 4-- Disney or Shoppin?

Monday, February 4, 2008

what a beautiful morning
The "MId Size" car I was telilng u about

Shopping at Rodeo Drive? nah..not within my budget

Day 3: Mac for b/f again. It's still ok. The weather in LA was nice n cool. Ok, was a little cold in the morning but tolerable. Wanted to head off to Disneyland at Anahem. Had a deprived childhood la, thus had to die die go. Paid parking of $11, sat on tram to get in only to see a snake long queue. We aren't gonna get our tix for the next 3 hours, thus we decided to leave and went to an outlet instead! b4 that, we took some pix at the entrance. hahaha gonna come back Disney on MOnday. At the outlet, we or at least I Went totally wild! THe branded stuff were reasonably priced and so much was on sale!!! Went back hotel to sleep at 530pm coz was freaking tired n Menses came. sex tonite i guess. Poor baby. woke up only at 11pm. The time difference still din quite set in. Fortunately there was always Denny's round the corner and we found one at Sunset Blvd. The Buffalo wings n Oreo Shake were fabulous!!!!!!!

Day 4 (16/12): It's a beautiful Sunday. the birds were freezing, the sun rays were filtering thru our radiated "suite" and we woke up at 7am. Wanted to go to Santa Monica Beach but went up Highway 10 instead. OPS! Passed by Walnut Grove and saw Ikea. headed to Dessert Hill outlet mall and shopped from 1030am till 610pm. n they say men can't shop! Geez.! it was about 86 miles drive from hollywood. Took us about 1.5hrs.