The Great Singapore Sale is just great!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Been up to my neck handling lummox like IDs, parents....parents again...grrrr.

Anyhow, went release some stress the other day and bought the above...Really gorgeous retro looking flask dont u think? Now all i need is a shelf in the kitchen to display such bo liao stuff!!

Also, made effort together with lao gong to go wash plates, wash cups mop floor etc...i must say he did a lot of the work...esp the mopping..LOVE U SO MUCH Darling! as for mi, i'm more of a displayer n hey i did clean my walk in closet hor! Check out the adorable espresso cups i have in my kitchen cabinet...n also the various tea cups for chinese tea and coffee...we even have beer mugs, wine glasses etc etc.loads of these kitchen wares are complimentary from both parents. .....we've got our wok n WMF pots n AMC scissors! ohhh how can i forget that we bought that irritatingly loud whistling kettle from Meyer! Love the steel colour! totally match our steel backing of the kitchen!