Frustrations is mounting

Friday, June 1, 2007

Amidst the stress over mom's pending operation to see if the lump is cancerous or not, and apart from the sicko parents who constantly screw up my schedule,...and also, besides having huge money problem..there's one other huge problem ==== BLODDY ID HASN"T HANDOVER. Hmmm when was the last time i said he would? believe he said 20th April. look at the date. wk after wk, he promised it'd be this's be that wk. but till date, we have yet to officially be handed-over the house. He takes one wk to do one thing. N latest, he tells us the wallpaper's stock can only arrive end mth (end May that is). n if we didn't call him, i think he would have forgot. Coz his reply was " oh ya huh.wall paper..okok let me check that out for u". several times, he also took it for granted that since we are currently staying near our new house, we can open door for his contractors. Many a times, the poor contractor has to sit outside our new house n wait for him for to no avail. According to neighbour, many sub con made several wasted trips!! Horrendous coordination if u ask mi. I suppose it reflects what he told our electrician, which was: if it's not coz this couple isn't in a hurry, i wont' have accepted the job"...GEEZ. till now i'm still pissed. regret recommending him a customer which fortunately din go thru coz He didn't give the quotation as promised! full of crap la this fellow. show all the enthusiasm in the world, but really took his time from December till now. We have already bought our SERTA mattress...but are still waiting for him to settle all outstandings before delivery of our love bed. I will give him a piece of my mind next wk. Just he wait!