Celine, our first Hado Reader from Singapore

Thursday, October 25, 2018

The first Hado reader was born in Heguru Singapore at CitySquare mall in May 2018! The first in Singapore! And read this: she is only 9years old this year! Mindblown!

In order to qualify, you will need to read 10,000 books in a month! I don’t know about you but reading one book a month is challenging enough for me! With 10,000 books a month, you will be able to join the Ichimankai Club in Japan, which has trained many who have topped their classes and passed the entrance test for Tokyo University. 

Celine Ong is only 9 and has achieved this feat! I am so impressed! 


It is a form of right brain function where individuals with that ability are able to rapidly absorb information from any book.

Hado reading is developed by Heguru CEO Ruiko Henmi. In 1997, Mrs Henmi invented the epoch-making technique, the first in the world, of how to read a book and understand its contents, just by turning over its pages. It is claimed that Hado reading surpasses even speed reading. This concept seems preposterous but it is really true that one may be able to understand the contents of a book within a single second. To achieve this, one has to commence their training with the Heguru programme at an early age. Guess I might be too old for that!

Hado reading is not to be confused with speed reading. Hado does not read words in the book. It is the catching of information written in the book with the right brain. In other words, the brain is picturing things. Speed reading is the ability to read written words with speed. You may be reading but you may not be comprehending. 

Every child has a sleeping talent and at Heguru, they feel it is their mission to draw out that talent! The talent to hado read is so useful for a child as he will be able to study in an extremely short time. As a result of parallel processing skills, children can learn arithmetic, reading and Social Science simultaneously. The Hado reading segment is part of Heguru’s Primary Programme. I can’t wait for Big K to experience that! Yes she is 7 this year and technically she should be in the Primary class. However, due to her long hiatus in right brain training, the trainers and I felt that given her character, it is better to warm her up at a preschool 2 level. This is the level where most kids are 6years old. There is no shame in it as Heguru and I both share the same vision and that is for them to learn at their pace, in a happy environment.

The below vid further validates my decision.

So scary is the pace of the class! Big K takes a lot of time to warm so such a setting may be intimidating. In fact, during her first few weeks, she was a little taken aback. She couldn’t really catch up and was very disheartened. However, the environment was really nurturing and encouraging and within a month, she was asking for more! She was constantly rushing me to be early for class! That’s genuine enthusiasm if you ask me. In terms of work, she caught on really quickly and has progressed by leaps and bounds. 

The feedback i was given at the start was that she was adapting well and 95% of her work was accurate. At the most recent parent chat session, her trainer was proud to announce that Big K has opened up and shouts out the answers in class. She is also able to able to remember more numbers under the number memory activity and the lyrics to a song that was taught last month. The fact that she was shouting out the answers with gusto reassures me that Heguru not only has trained her right brain but it has also trained her in terms of confidence. Back at home, she would badger for her Heguru homework. She doesn’t mind doing 10 pages at one shot! THIS is true love which has been instilled by Heguru.

People often ask me if this will really make their kid smarter. Well honestly I don’t know but i am seeing results. Seeing my child pick up skills which will help her go a long way in life is good enough for me. Anything else will be a bonus. I will be sharing with you more on her progress progressively, so stay tuned!