Review & Discount: Pramwash, Singapore's First Baby Stroller Cleaning Company

Saturday, August 12, 2017

How often do you wash your pram or carseat? Come on, let's be honest here. We almost never wash our pram and our carseat, well, we try to wash it once a year. It's a chore to take it out and wash and it takes a few days to dry. Meaning to say, we will be without a carseat for a few days. A no-no, since I uber my kids every day.

When I got to know about PramWash, I was excited. They are the first baby stroller cleaning company based in Singapore with full-service stroller cleaning options available to local families. They have grown so much that they have recently expanded into a larger space to accommodate their growing client demands.

So how does it work?
They have essentially two types of packages available -- The Complete and the Intensive.
The complete package will remove accumulated dirt and bacteria and freshen up your pram/ car seat/ carrier for your baby's everyday use. This package includes vacuum, wash, wipe and sterilising of the fabrics and frame. Prices start from $25 for a carrier to $170 for a double pram + 2 car seats. A really good deal don't your think?

The Intensive stain removal package is required for very dirty prams with any sort of stains that need to be removed. This is done right down to the wheels (Provided the wheels can be dismantled). This package includes all treatments from the complete package with an additional step to remove yucky hairs from wheels.

Our pram isn't exactly that dirty as we underutilise it. However, it has been around since Small K was born and hadn't been washed. Meaning to say, 3 years of dirt has been accumulated! I am pretty sure there is a lot more which the naked eye cannot detect. The professionals at Pramwash dismantled the entire pram and ensured that each part is cleaned thoroughly.

The products used are all child friendly. Before they do any cleaning, a functionality check is done to make sure the pram in good working condition. To start off, they remove the fabric frame, vacuum and soak the products for stain removal. The chassis is then given a wipe down. The fabric will be steamed clean and heat-dried. Finally the product will be reassembled and returned to the client.

A significant difference was noted for our carseat. We are guilty of eating in the car. You see, very often, the kids are so slow in eating their breakfast such that we have to allow them to eat in the car. And with that, we are prone to "accidents". The brown stain was made by Small K who sat on an egg chocolate given to him for Easter. We didn't realise the source till almost a week later! *horrors! Thankfully the ants did not come! I tried using wet wipes and Febreze to clean off the stain but to no avail. To make myself feel a little more at ease, I sprayed on some disinfectant. Thereafter, I left it as it was. Thanks to Pramwash, my carseat is now as good as new! I love how attentive they were to details even like delivery. A message was sent to me about the delivery and collection and a follow up from the staff was also made. There was a slight hiccup with the courier company which didn't dare take our carseat initially as no instructions were given to him (he claimed) but that was quickly rectified with a text to Pramwash

Perhaps you might be asking:: this doesn't solve my problem of having no carseat for almost a week. Well, fret not, their sister company, PramShare is a rental specialist which will be able to help you if you do not have a spare carseat. Smart or what?

"Babies are messy by nature, cleaning up their messes is just part of growing up," said Kenneth Tan, Founder and Owner of PramWash. "However, an unfortunate side effect from their messes can be dangerous health situations that make raising children even more difficult for parents. That's where PramWash steps in."

For you, my readers, 
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What are you waiting for? Give your babies a clean seat to sit on!

Disclaimer: I was given a free wash for a pram and carseat for the purpose of this review. No additional monetary compensation was received. All opinions expressed are entirely my own and written according to my experience in using the products/ services.