Xmas DIY:: Do you wana build a snowman?

Monday, December 26, 2016

I know that Christmas is over but I have been mad tired and busy that I haven't had the time to pen stuff down. This is so not good! This Christmas has been the most fulfilling one in terms of family bonding as well as home learning and crafting.
I didn't want a Christmas tree this year after throwing away my tree of over 20 years. It was turning yellow and shedding and hence was high time I dumped it. Yes, I am a sentimental person though i didn't even like the person who gave it to me! haha.
We have shifted to our new place for approximately 6 months now and it was great decluttering. I was determined not to get a tree and hoard again. Sooo, lo and behold, i built a snowman!

Do you wana build a snowman?

I saw this over the Internet and was determined to get it done. So many trips to DAISO was made as i couldn't anticipate the number of cups needed. I must have used over 200 cups! To add to the hassle, not all Daiso sells the same things hence to hunt down the size of cup i needed was a bit of trouble. 
This is essentially a very easy task. Just staple one cup to the next. It will naturally form a circular shape. Only the head will be a full sphere whilst the rest are slightly bigger than a hemisphere so as to hold each layer up. The project took me only a few days and Big K helped in stapling. Great motor skill practice. Both kiddos helped in dressing up the snowman whom they now named as 'Rusty'. 

But merely having a snowman didnt seem enough hence i made some subtle decorations to the home. Am so loving this minimalistic look!
Here's sharing how we decorated our place: 

Here's wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year!