Chinese New Year Homelearning

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Things have been pretty slack on the homelearning front and I am missing out a lot on the golden period. Blame it on the vicious cycle of bugs! Despite doing a fairly good deal of work with Big K (in my opinion at least), this year i received some rather disturbing feedback with regards to Chinese. We started her on Chinese enrichment this year and after the second lesson, the teacher asked if we or the school had been getting her to write because her Chinese penmanship isn't up to mark. By the 3rd lesson, we again received feedback that Big K forgot the words that were taught to her the lesson before and we should revise with her. Oops! Ok, in all honesty, Mandarin isn't my forte and i have tasked it to the hubs who is great with Chinese History. But with his insane travels, teaching the kiddo is probably the last thing he would do. This jump from N2 to K1 is getting me a little tensed up. Yet, I can't do much now that I am living with the in-laws and have to ensure that things are tidy and done in a timely fashion. Rather hard to match the efficiency of the mil who gets up at 4am to do the laundry and keep the dishes *faint. In addition, it's really quite a challenge to be teaching both children. Kudos to those who homeschool more than one child!

Nevertheless, I stayed true to my resolution of being focused and here were the stuff we did the week leading to Chinese New Year. 

These are for teaching sizes. 

This activity was primarily for Small K to learn his colours. However, as usual, Big K wants a part in it. 

These were made together with Big K for her Chinese Show And Tell in school. Education these days  is really a whole new ball game!

Flashcards to introduce the various activities done during Chinese New Year. 

Hope you enjoyed the activities we have done! Have a "猴 seh" (translation: Good) year ahead!