Sg50 NDP 2015

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Ok, so I'm late. But I've a very legit reason. Whilst many were flying or chilling over the Jubilee long weekend, we had been busy going through our first major shift. Yup. Even though it was just across the road (literally), it took us 5 whole days to fully move all our stuff over to my in-law's place. After staying in our marital home for 9 years, we finally shifted. A move which I find ridiculous and unnecessary. Why? Coz it's still in the same vicinity! I did say it was across the street right? I wasn't kidding. Whilst many would think of shifting to within 1km of some school, we were stuck. Coz the in-laws had balloted a unit elsewhere and we couldn't move. After 9 years, you tell me I still have to stay put? Thanks. seriously. I love the neighbourhood we are in, but see, Big K will be going on to Primary school really soon and we have to think forward. But noop, the entire family thinks I'm kiasu and insane to have to think that far plus they are the sort who feel that things will naturally fall in place and kids learn their ABCS in primary school coz they have great teachers. So ya, i've moved. For the moment, the tiny place we are living in resides 7 people and I'm now maid to not only 3 (it used to be only the 4 of us), now I'm maid to 6. 

Rants aside, I felt really bad to be neglecting the children and we made time on National day itself though the hubs and I were tremendously knackered. We had a very different national day this year. Instead of checking out the fireworks from our living room, we were itchy backside and decided to head down to Tanjong Rhu. We were there at about 430pm and traffic was already at a standstill. Hence we decided to make a U-turn and park at Jalan Batu, somewhere across the river facing "The Cage". From there, we walked all the way to the Marina Bay Golf Course and found a great spot under the Shears Bridge. There was a small park and it was packed with people of all races. They were armed with ground sheets and picnic baskets. Some came with a really good spread of cheese and roasted chicken. *Slurp. We weren't that well prepared. All I did was to make egg sandwiches for the children. Thank goodness for my hindsight for we would have starved if not for those sandwiches! There was a big screen set up under the bridge and a big crowd gathered. 

The children and I enjoyed the fireworks display as well as the performance by the Black Knights tremendously. We had a very good view but carrying two children was quite a workout. The total walk to and fro took us almost 2 hours. Yup, i kid you not. I made Big K walk almost the whole stretch and she is not a fast walker. On the way back, it was worse. They both SLEPT! I had to put Small K in the carrier and walk the whole stretch back! I almost gave up halfway! I don't think I had that much exercise for the longest time! But that night, the both of them slept well. 

Here's sharing some of the beautiful shots captured that day:

Little Miss Vain insisted on putting on some tattoos 

We paused along the way to the park, letting Small K roam on the grass. This boy really looks good don't you think?

Whilst others were watching the parade on the big screen, these two were playing in front of the big screen and this scene was captured by a reporter from The Straits Times who came forward to tell me that it will be placed on their instagram. But hmmm to date, I've not seen the shot she took :(

Credits to Big K for being our photographer! I think she's getting really good at taking photos

This was the scene we were greeted with. Nice and Free!

Stunning performance by the Black Knights.

Was really glad that the boy could entertain himself. I mean it was no joke to hang around that long just to see the fireworks and the rest of the parade. 

It was really sweltering so we simply had to strip him! What a hunk eh?

Am really glad that Singapore has come such a long way. Am very glad that I am a Singaporean and this is home. A place so peaceful where I have no worries to raise my children. A place so stressful but motivates me to scale greater heights. 

Happy Birthday Singapore! #SG50