Have I been jinxed by the Monday Blues?

Monday, April 13, 2015

MONDAYS. A term synonymous with blues for many. Honestly, I seldom have that problem because everyday is quite the same to me. But today, it really feels like the world is against me. 
First, just when i was about to cook lunch, my rice cooker decided to act up. Next, i visited IKEA and the pregnant staff decided to give me a bit of an attitude. Ok, she's preggers and working so I'll forgive her. Next, my Macbook declared itself a holiday! To be fair, the laptop has been around for 6years and I've been meaning to get myself a new one but have been procrastinating because of well, Money!! Been trying hard to be more prudent and i do have the husband's spare laptop (which has disappearing cursors and words) to work on. However, nothing beats a Mac right? Actually why am i so adamant? What do i know about specs? I just know the Mac is mad chio (pretty)! So ya, just last week i was working painstakingly on a project which hasn't been saved on my external hard disk. Great. Just great.

Back to the bit about the rice cooker. Two weekends ago, the hubs and I were shopping around and I casually mentioned that I'd like to get a chio cooker for our new place (yes! We are shifting but it's really not as exciting as what you think). I think the mere mention of replacing the cooker totally jinxed things. My rice cooker couldn't boot up as well!! Quick-thinking, i whipped out my Happy call and cooked me some rice! 

You would think that will all be diluted as the day went by. Well, Wrong! At 9pm, I wanted some decent dinner and packed from Subway. Guess what I received? Instead of Fanta Grapes, it was more like Soda water with a tinge of cough syrup. Gosh! someone probably forgotten to add more syrup!
A total waste of good money to upgrade to a combo meal! And I thought all's well, ends well. Again, I was wrong! Along the way, I almost hit an oncoming vehicle which was in my blind spot! That really made me jump out of my skin.

In light of all these, I'm unfazed..ok who am i kidding, I'm still cursing and swearing deep down. Positive thinking is not about expecting the best to happen. It is about accepting whatever that happens. Such wisdom! The above mentioned matters are all very easy to solve but somehow it feels better to bitch about them and move on..so did you have a bad day? Come come,  share with me!