injecting some positivity: My happy breakfast

Sunday, February 8, 2015

I haven't been blogging much lately. Coz I've been terribly tired, busy and well, perhaps, just perhaps, a little ill-disciplined. Apart from the massive spring cleaning which I've been doing every other night and online shopping for CNY clothings for the fam, the kids and hub took turns to fall ill and the only person who has to stand strong is me. The cycle hasn't been broken and this has been ongoing since the beginning of 2015 and I'm truly knackered. Coupled with several other financial issues and unexpected hiccups like a neighbor's leaking ceiling due to seepage from our toilet, I'm inclined to think that 2015 isn't quite the year for me. Once one problem is solved, another comes along. They just simply sprout out like mushrooms rendering me breathless.

But I'm adopting the cockroach attitude - 打不死 (beat cannot die). The more curveballs life throws  atme, the stronger I'll become. I tell myself to be more positive and things will somehow work out.
One way of injecting more positivity is to start the day right! Being with the kids every morning means i can't go out to some cafe to have a pretentious tai tai breakfast. I do feel jaded at times and even mistreated coz why issit that I've to be the one bathing Big Small K, feeding, making them nap and playing with them every morning n not my other half?? I love my kids. Don't get me wrong but i guess the reason why I'm so disgruntled is because almost every other morning, the hubs will say his goodbyes and off he goes, not to office, but to breakfast with his buddies! Where is the fairness in this? 

Sigh, but, it's honestly useless to wallow in self pity. N hey, I've got the kids! *sticking my tongue out. Anyhoots, while some mummies are busy packing bentos for their kiddos, below are my happy meals!

What do YOU normally have for breakfast?


  1. Awww hang in there Janice! I had the same issue of leaking problems from our toilet to our neighbour's house just last year. Totally understand how you feel when you say one thing after another. Sometimes I question myself 'why' as well, but it will all pass and yeah luh instead of feeling sian just take it that we will become more resilient. If you need any help, I'll be happy to help :) Btw, your brekkies look awesome!! If I were you, I would be so lazy and just tapow or just have maggie mee/slices of bread.

    1. Hey Beverly! thanks for dropping by! u are always so sweet with your encouraging words! I wana tapow too but am just simply too lazy to even walk down to my kopitiam! n to lug two, i'd rather DIY breakkie at home. at least my arms won't break! haha..n indeed, all these shitty stuff will only make us stronger!

  2. Janice, you work so hard at work and with your children's early education. It seems obvious that your husband is not pulling his weight. Nowadays no longer husband work, wife stay home and receive allowance for looking after the family. So why not have a discussion with him? You deserve taitai cafe breakfast if you want... Don't put yourself down. You are strong and capable so don't get bullied. I believe you will be more efficient when you are happy and contented.

    1. Hi Toasty Shed,
      thanks for your encouragement. I'm not putting myself down. On the contrary, i deem that I'm far more capable than him such that I'm able to hold the fort and hold a job. I do however feel extremely exhausted and discussion isn't gonna change things coz well, he'll have 101 excuses. I guess it's also because of the nature of my job vs his 9-5 job that i get more "bullied". but such obstacles in life will only make me stronger. Erm i hope. Thanks again :)