Review: Christmas Workshop at BlueTree Education

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Last week, Big K and I had been utterly busy. That probably is an understatement! We attended a 5 day Christmas workshop at Bluetree Education and I had to rush Big K to school in the afternoon before heading to work! I was beginning to empathise with mommies who work from 9 to 5 and have to settle the kids before and after work! I'm a working mother too, but thankfully, my hours are a little more forgiving in the earlier part of the day. Though I end work late, at least I don't have to get myself into a mad frenzy at dawn and be sending the kids to childcare etc during peak hour. 

Friends of mine would know that when it comes to education, I'm always very enthusiastic. Hence when Bluetree Education invited Big K and I to attend their Christmas Holiday program, we were more than willing. This couldn't come at a better time as after an entire year of "schooling" at her nursery, I needed to let her take a break from the norm, expose her to new people and new stuff. That said, I wasn't too "hardworking" in research and wasn't busy signing Big K for Chinese enrichment/ Speech and drama enrichment/ Science enrichment etc. That sounds so hot housing! Though I believe the time will come when I'll join the crowd, given my nature (not that I'm kiasu, i'm just very very excited when it comes to education matters), I believe in giving Big K space to explore. She loves crafting, songs and dance. No doubt, her school is always doing those, it was essential for her to mingle with new friends. She did, afterall, get comments like not being a team player, from her form teacher in school.

On Day one, Big K was rather reserved. New environment, i don't blame her. 

Acting as a little reindeer during circle time. 
Slowly, with all the dramatic play, stories and sing alongs, Big K integrated and was warmed up. I applaud the teachers, particular Teacher Mabel who had to dramatise (read: sometimes having to act like a baboon) in order to engage the little ones. In her courageous act to do so, she incorporated little nuggets of Xmas info and words. 

By the end of the 5 days, the children probably had learnt a total of at least 15 new words! 

Part two was crafting session conducted by Teacher Diana. This Super and heavily pregnant mama is amazingly creative! Even i enjoyed making the stuff!



See! so creative right?


We enjoyed ourselves during the 5 days and the highlight of the workshop must had been ho ho ho, you've guessed it, SANTA CLAUS!!! it was the first time Big K saw a real life Santa and the impression made was so deep that she has been a good girl each time i mention Santa will only give presents to obedient little children! haha


A bit of background on BlueTree Education. It is run by a team of ex-MOE teachers and curriculum specialists who have taught in Singapore schools. With their many years of teaching experience and many success stories of implementing various pedagogical initiatives in schools, they bring with them their love for learning, teaching and the desire to nurture the potential in every child to the classroom at BlueTree Education Learning Centre. It is so important to have passion! Many a times, that's what's lacking in school as teachers are so bogged down by mundane administrations. Can't blame them honestly! It's tough to ignite the younger generation's fire if the teachers themselves needs a bit of rekindling. Personally, it's also important that the background of the teachers at an enrichment centre is top notch. The credibility has gotto be there. I personally have encountered centres who engage tutors without running a proper checks on them and worse yet, allowing them set their own curriculum for a class of P3s to P6s! While this might (not advisable and difficult) work for certain subjects like English, other subjects, particularly Science needs proper classification!

At BlueTree Education, they want to grow a child to be a thinker, a learner, an achiever. Their curriculum is designed not only with academic excellence in mind; They want every child to acquire the core thinking skills of thinking critically, inventively, and reflectively as their foundation for learning. That is oh-so-important in today's society where everything seems to be modeled out for the student! Students are so spoon-fed, they can't think! To add, their current affair knowledge is stifled as well. They may be the laughing stalk in the world if nothing is done. BlueTree Education recognizes that, hence, their differentiated teaching strategies and small-class sizes facilitate a learning environment that supports a thinking culture.
Details on BlueTree Education:
Address: 271 Bukit Timah Road, Balmoral Plaza #02-15 Singapore 259708

Disclaimer : We were invited to attend the above workshop. No monetary compensation is involved and all opinions are of my own.