DIY Samsung S3 covers

Friday, August 23, 2013

Crafting and the arts have always been in my blood but since young, my mom has been hindering my pursuit in the Arts. She said that being an artist can never earn big bucks. Old school. There's a wee bit of resentment for who knows I might have been the next big thing. For a while, I hid this talent from many. Aquaintances and even close ones would be pleasantly surprised at my deft fingers and creative juices. With the arrival of Lil K, things left me with very little time to relish nature or paint a picture, let alone craft. However, recently after knowing a bunch of "crafty" mommies, the love for crafting has been rekindled. I don't know where these people get the energy to craft, bake or even blog. Seriously people, do you sleep? Of late, I've been inspired by  Jasmine. The photos on her blog are oh-so-inspiring and beautifully captured. And her DIY projects are always on my bookmarked list. And in case you aren't aware, this talented mommy won the Best lifestyle Blog at the recent Singapore Blog Awards! Anyhoots, I've been meaning to try out one of her DIYs -- customisable iphone covers. A very clever idea. All you need essentially are those transparent covers and some nice pattened papers. However, stingy me am unwilling to part with those pretty full size scrapbooking sheets thus I thought, Why not print them out according to the size I want? Genius. Well almost, coz printer ink aren't cheap either!

I was really inspired by the below chalkboard quotes and wanted to replicate something for the phone. I mean how hard can that be right? No need for printer ink, just my trusty black paper and white pen! Pure Genius again. Wrong. I did not take into consideration that I'm customising for a Samsung S3 which has curves unlike the Iphone5! It was an ardous task to cut the three holes for the camera, flash and speaker. To cut to size as another difficulty. I tried but the end result was far from satisfactory. Then I tried inserting it into the transparent cover and guess what? It wouldn't close. Too thick I suppose.

So in the end, I did THIS! Simply printed what I wanted on normal printing paper and snapped them onto the phone using the transparent cover! No need to even cater for the three menacing holes! The end result might not be all that posh but hey, from far, it does looks pretty good and now I'm able to motivate myself with these beautiful covers!
 Here's the instructions credits to
 I told you I was a genius! Teehee. :)