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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The last two weeks had been mad crazy (still is actually). Preparing for my best friend's wedding which involved a whole lot of logistics. She has waited a very long time for this day to come, thus a lot of effort had to be put in. I will blog on this separately.
I've lots to say but no time to pen them all. If only there's a blog secretary out there! I must confess that there have been days when I considered giving up on the blog because I feel like I was writing for myself and no one else. But every time I was the verge of throwing in the towel, someone writes to me and I am persuaded to carry on again.
Couple of weeks ago, bunnikins didn't sleep well. I thought it was yet another milestone or growth spurt until I got stung by the nasty mozzies. Those pests were on the rampage that week and attacked bunnikins. poor baby was covered with marks. I pride myself for keeping the house clean and apart from placing the electric mosquito repellent from Baygon, I didn't do much. However, such chemical/ electrical stuff doesn't seem such a good idea especially when the lil one is sleeping near it, thus, I went in search for alternatives and below were what I found:
Beer Traps
Turns out that mosquitoes are attracted to those who drink beer. So, perhaps placing a mug would be a great bait for the pests. There's a catch though. Mosquitoes will still seek you out if you're drinking the stuff. Bottom line.
When diluted with water and spritzed on the skin, this promised to rid of us mosquitoes for a full night. I normally do this and it will work.
Chives & garlic
Like garlic, mosquitoes dislike chives. It's making them sound like vampires! Not sure if this would work though. am kind of skeptical
Fabric Softener Sheets
It is said that if this were rubbed onto the skin, this method will leave you mosquito bite-free for the evening!! WOW! sounds too good to be true!
Dish Soap
A few squirts of dish soap, left in a saucer, did a nice job of keeping mosquitos occupied. This I will try!
What other homemade remedies have you got?

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  1. Hey gal! Yups, I read your blog :) If she got stung by mosquito, try applying vinegar on the sting... it helps decrease the swelling. Asher is reacts very strongly to mosquito bites, his will swell and sometimes have pus...