Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Indeed, God has made us all different. In particular, the two sexes are significantly distinct. I don't know to say if it cracks me up or irritates me to no end that the hub is such. Many a times, he would offer to do the night feeds and allow me to sleep in, but my rationale is, if he has to get up, sterilize everything, feed, clean up, pat lil pumpkin to sleep and then probably get ready for work thereafter, there's really no point.. I'd rather latch on. I'm no where near being superwoman and to be honest, I think though he's out at work at this point in time, I'm constantly working at home too, with the immense amount of laundry (cloth nappies and all!), spring cleaning and not forgetting my work, I would like to think that I've much more on my plate. But then again, things shouldn't be compared on that basis.

Anyhow, since the hubs is on leave tmw, I decided to allow him to fulfil his fatherly duties -- Feed the baby at unearthly hour. First response from him --> dear, you've got to wake me up. HUH? do u mean to say that all this while, you can't hear lil pumpkin "neh" in the middle of the night? Apparently so! n he had the audacity to say he didn't get good sleep on some days and that he's a light sleeper compared to me! These days, I've even hardened myself and allow myself to go for a leak b4 attending to a wailing child. But yup, apparently, the hub has developed selective hearing not only to me, but to lil pumpkin! However, perhaps due to my shocked response, he subconsciously managed to get up after a few cries. No prizes for who got up first. The intention was for me to sleep through till the next feed, but lil pumpkin's incessant cries of hunger kept my eyelids opened. After monitoring for a good 10minutes and with the intensity getting greater, I decided to drag myself out of bed to check on things. ALAS! the hub was busy sterilizing and left a wailing baby in her crib. While it's true that one should not always rush to carry the bub when she cries lest she develops dependency, crying in such manner has great repercussions, namely WIND. That would lead to more detrimental consequences. Below is the flow of events in chronological order:

445am Hunger Cues
5am The hub started sterilizing
515am The hub finally started settling down to feed. By then, i decided that since I'm up, I might as well express my milk
530am I was done with expression (150ml from both boobies..not bad at all!) and the hub simply placed the lil bub in her crib after a burp, without ensuring that she's fast asleep, despite my naggings. Knowing that lil bub or perhaps most babies need to be comforted and pat to sleep b4 being placed in the crib, I hung around for a while.
540am Lil bub started crying...where was the hubs? he bounced right into bed after "throwing" lil bub into bed
540-now I'm still trying to coax the lil one to sleep.

This worries me thoroughly...what's gonna happen when I resume work (which is soon!) am I gonna cope with the long nights and long work days?

Sigh....the difference between men and women is so define...or perhaps only in my case?

Burping in progress....CUTENESS MUCH?