We have come this far

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Week 36 and the clock is ticking into Week 37.
Finally, we are done with our antenatal class. The last being on the topic of marriage enrichment. Throughout, the dear hubs was oblivious and engrossed in his iphone. The bane of technology. I dont blame him. Marriage isn't something that can be "taught"...it's a lesson in life which all must go through. No textbook will prepare one for the ups and downs in marriage. Suffice to say, whenever whatever we go through together must be taken in stride. However, an interesting question asked by the coordinator: What are your primary concerns when the baby comes along? An array of answers were given: will there be us time? who will look after the baby? ....The same thought was probably swimming in both hub's and my mine: how are we gonna handle our finances? After the class, I asked him if this was the thought that struck him and why didn't anyone raise this important question? His answer -- coz everyone's egoistic. True.

Well, there's no use mulling over such a thing and having a kid sure comes with a truckload of sacrifice. There's no 30-day moneyback guarantee, store or return policy or 1-for-1 exchange for a new model/ colour.

The weekend has been an extremely fulfilling one -- Decorated the nursery, washed nappies (2nd last load); attended the last antenatal class; celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary over a good dinner @ La Cantina and presented ourselves with a memorable gift -- took some really good maternity shots. As reluctant as he was, the hub was a good sport and went along. With this lil watermelon besotted to us, before she makes her grand entrance, I thought we should really capture the moment (even though it came with a hefty price tag!)

Other developments:
face and hair seemingly getting oilier as we progress into the last lap
Lil watermelon has grown to a whopping 2.7kg
Feet and fingers are in a state of water-retention (can't wear my wedding band and none of my heels fit!)
Calves are not spared too...none of my jeans go beyond the calves!
Feeling very sleepy most of the time
Am hoping the wriggling action will not end and continue for a longer time :)

The nursery has come together finally! green's good for the lil one's eyes. See the little details: rabbits hopping around? I can also mark lil bub's height on the leaves with chalk. Lovely idea! Now i just need to work on my little mushrooms...probably my one mth confinement project if I have the energy and time!

Jane (the photographer) was really good at creating the mood. The hub isn't great at smiling with teeth showing whilst I'm the exact opposite.

Oh man! the stretchmarks!! URGH

Looking like I'm carrying a basketball!

One of my favourite shots!
Looks like some ad for Motherhood or Young Parents

Finally a less serious and comic shot from the hub!

There are several more "obscenely artistic" shots. This is by far my most daring attempt. The hub wasn't too supportive though. The photographer had to tell him not to show the "black face" when he's home. But beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder...when we saw the raw photos, he was pretty pleased.

It's quite a weird feeling and the whole parents-to-be feeling hasn't really sunk in. But I think what we want to achieve as parents will soon begin to crystalise within our minds.

Thank you for 14 years of crazy years! I love you dear!