Caught in a vortex of frustration

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

It's only been the 6th day of the mth and I'm already caught in a vortex of frustration. Perhaps due the fact that it's the first day in a long while that I've worked till 1030pm. The night owl's back again...then again, he has never really left me. Work aside, the yearly scheduling has been chaotic. It's that time of the year when you think u've done your best in fitting everyone in and alas, the schools/parents/other more important subject tutors has to spoil your plan at the 11th hour. I wish I can take it in stride and be more hard-hearted to say no to people who simply cannot accommodate. Somehow, the only thing that puts me off is the fact that I seem to be at people's beck and call. It's a race against time and I'm in perennial denial that I've got more than 24hours in a day. Suffice to say, I'm burnt out. I hope things will take a turn for the better and by next wk this time, I'm able to say that I'm energised by the journey from frustration to competence and comfort. I hate all these absolute dilemmas. Spoils the day.

On a less whiny note, when I felt that I'm bereft of love, sweetie surprised me with a little montage (complete with one of my favourite songs) he made of our Bali trip. Real sweet. The montage that is! haaha..the power of the Mac! He even burnt it onto a DVD which has an awesome menu page! It's inspired me for my next personal project...*secret* My irrational rage momentarily turned into tears when I saw that episode. With the back of my hand, I wiped away a tear.

I would thank you from the bottom of my heart but for you my heart has no bottom.