As Crafty as a fox

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Green fingers are people who are good at fingers is when you are freezing or sick, so what do you call someone who is good at craft work? hmmm....

We bought our Macbook at least a month back now, but I haven't really played with it. Sweetie was randomly checking out its functions and realise a really cool thing we could do with it! A MONTAGE! We simply imported our wedding photos and Viola! A wedding montage! Showed this off to a few brides-to-be friends and they were pleasantly impressed! We could perhaps save some money and some professionals may well be out of job! haha

With a little more time at hand this hols, I decided to embark on some "simple" projects. Managed to drag sweetie to Spotlight @ Plaza Singapura Mall on Saturday. Was supposed to visit botanic gardens to check out GA kid's Xmas tree but unfortunately it rained. Sigh.....

Inspired by a certain designer online, I made these coasters from scratch. Neat isn't it? Sweetie said perhaps I could make and sell! haha...perhaps perhaps...afterall, that designer is selling his for USD24 for 6 coasters!
Some time back I blogged about an adorable couple who seem to be a physical mismatch at first sight but as time goes by, they seem to be the perfect jigsaw pieces. Well, this adorable couple is finally walking the red carpet after years of courtship. Coordinating and preparing for a wedding is no easy task. In order to save a few moolahs, Miss Bride-to-be bought this dainty pair of heels for a mere $50 and added bling blings to it to give it that expensive touch! I adore blings and have always been an advocate of DIY! However it was no easy task. X was told that she must use a blue flame to heat each crystal so that the glue underneath would melt. Then, she must attach it to the shoe and hold it for a few seconds. The gems were so tiny that even using a pair of tweezers didn't help much! According to the salesman, it should take her half an hour to don these blings onto her shoes, but she must have spent hours painstakingly attaching each crystal onto the strap. Finally, I suggested a simpler alternative -- GLUE LA!! hahaha..

A first hand prelude to the happy couple's wedding pics.....The bride is STUNNING! The groom's a lucky man! :)

Love makes a lot of things possible. Still, getting married is probably one of the most important decisions a woman can ever make in her life. It certainly takes courage to finally decide your man is the right one for you and to share the rest of your life with him.

Whether you're having a fairytale princess wedding or a simple wedding, I wish you the greatest happiness and a blessed married life ever!

A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.

-- Germaine Greer