Whoever said money can't buy happiness, simply didn't know where to shop!

Monday, November 2, 2009

The end of all major exams are looming, dangerously close! Life will come to an abrupt halt when that happens. YIPEE! I realised how detached all the teaching has made me from the world. I didn't realise how much I missed ORCHARD ROAD! Sometimes our daily goals seem to eclipse everything else.

Spent 9 hours of awesome time with girlfriend H. High Tea, Shopping, Dinner...all in a "hard day's work" I should devote more time to such escapades, but unfortunately, that needs moola and time. Both of which are lacking in my life. I felt so spendthrift on Saturday, but did not accomplish much. I elbowed my way through the racks, totally engrossed in every inch of Orchard Road. Clothes, Shoes, Bags are my catalyst. I'm a WHORE! We navigated the crowds in oblivion and didn't realise that it was pouring out there till it was dinner time! There was simply no time to contemplate the rain.

High Tea @ Pacific Plaza...Al Fresco Style....

It was pretty amazing to see such crowds actively combing Ion, which incidentally is a horrendously designed place. We were walking in circles just to find a directory which could lead us to the Jap restaurant which many mags were raving about. They apparently spent a bomb on reno (can't really tell if you ask me). Finally, after some help from the concierge, we found it. The directory panel was pretty amazing...touch screen. However, due to the poor design of the mall, many shoppers were touching to find their way round! We didn't even get a chance to get close! Ohhh..to add, there wasn't a toilet on one particular level..maybe the big brands were there and it's too 'degrading' to have a smell lingering? Needless to say, I'm not too impressed. The food at the Jap restaurant (think it's called Aboba?) wasn't anything to shout about too. A small little area packed with people drooling over ramen. The noodles were weirdly textured and stock wasn't thick enough but this was fortunately redeemed by the accompanying snacks we ordered. last order 945pm. We made it at 930pm! Yes, dinner wasn't on our itinerary till 930pm! haha....Goal for the day was to conquer Orchard Road, but we failed miserably due to the rain. Amidst the lunacy, i was just glad to sit down and have a good meal.
For desserts -- GUSTTIMO. Nice. Reasonably Priced. $2.90 for 3 flavours. I'm particularly drawn to the melon flavoured gelato. Comfort food which was tantalisingly close to my mouth.

Simply had to take a pix of this iconic building -- CK TANGS. Daddy's first project. I'm so proud of him. This picture still hangs strong in his house.
The result of walking for 9 hours in orchard. Apart from the hefty parking charges. My shoes gave way right in front of Charles and keith at ION (yup...there's C&K over there)...I guess the shoes were callin out to me. Unfortunately, this season's stuff wasn't much to my liking and I ended up forking out $33.90 for an uncomrtable pair of slippers. Why I bought it since it's uncomfortable you ask? Well, it's the prettiest amongst the ugliest!My trophies! Not all from the 9 hours of shopping I did. In fact, only two items were bought in that 9 hours. The rest were long overdued stuff which finally arrived from sprees! weeeeeee
Rewinding to last wkend.....after On pedder Sale, C and I had sudden craving for sinful cakes. Thus, our legs brought us to Canele. Comfort food. Patissier's cakes are simply divine!! Their packaging are to die for! I savoured their salty crepe and ended up too full for dinner.

The best bits of happines are those you create for yourself. I'm gonna create more of that in the next few wks to come hopefully. Suffice to say, regretfully, the wkend passed too quickly. However, thankfully, I did good on Sunday. Cleared some stuff from my bookshelf and threw out heaps of papers. Did filing too -- which required loads of discipline. Next on the list -- my wardrobe. Still under procrastination. For now, I'm sipping my Camomile Tea and enjoying the brief moment of surrealism.

I'll leave you with a funny but meaningful quote:

Shopping is better than sex. If you're not satisfied after shopping you can make an exchange for something you really like.