Monday, October 12, 2009

Not sure if anyone's missing me/ my posts, but am overwhelmed with my to-do list. Too much happening. Too little time. Students' exams, My exams....

The practicum's getting me all jittery as I type. A lot of work for a mere 10 minute presentation.

To add to that, all the hard work with one child may go down the drain. Had been slogging with him for the all important PSLE. Unfortunately tragedy hit and he developed dengue fever the night before his first paper. I was devastated by the news. Brave as he was, he went for 3 of the 5 papers. However, his bravado vanished on day 5 as he was admitted into hospital. Today, we should be delirious with joy that PSLE's coming to an end but instead, I learnt that 5 our of 6 members of his family have developed dengue. 4 are now in hospital. Some bloody doctor didn't want to certify him unfit for examination when his fever was above 39 degrees celsius. A second opinion was seeked and this time, the doctor issued a letter with a heavy heart. What holds for this boy now? To be judged based on his prelim results (i don't mind actually, my dear child did very well!), to be ungraded and sent to some XYZ Secondary School? (he's a smart boy and definitely capable of bigger things) or forced to redo his P6? (an option that is favoured by the family should MOE decides to post him to XYZ Sec sch base on some alien calculation which we will never know.....

Was chatting with a fellow teacher and his take on this: Tough luck! It's like entering a competition. If you are sick, you've gotto walkover!

Tough luck? Sheez. What a thing to say....a child's future is at stake. The sound of the waves crashing against the rocks fills my heart with sorrow.

Now, I pray that he and his family get well soon. Their platelet count's still very low. They can't move and have to be on the drip. The depression prick at my nerves. Expectation breeds disappointment.

We can't afford to be sick. Health is wealth. How true......

PS: Will be back to update more after this episode....stay tunned! So much more to say! URGH