Sunday, September 13, 2009

I have been stretched, strangled, constricted and pulled, pinched and pinioned like a medieval heretic. The strange and perverted thing is that I seem to enjoy it. The week had been a really fulfilling one. The onstart of the September hols meant that the final exams are drawing near. How today's youth cope with such encroachments on their future, I can't imagine.

Have been getting up real early and working an average of 12 hours a day. A part of me was pretty convinced that I am made of steel. Classes for diploma in educational studies have started. First lesson was rather disappointing. I should be the trainer. It just dawned upon me that the piece called a "certificate" is soooo important, thus I was coerced into taking up this course. 3 hours of lesson with a trainer whose mantra is "Teach less learn more" wasn't exactly what I had in mind. Her idea of teach less was simply because she was ill-prepared. Everything that she was imparting was what I had already knew. Only difference was, she was using a whole lot of bombastic words to represent psychological understanding of students. Nonetheless, the qualification is necessary and I will press on.

The work-plagued week was complemented by catching up with old friends. Strangely, this is a popular week when everyone wanted to meetup. Caught up with J and M at Brewerkz. Old friends who did not seem distant when we chatted. Was impressed with M's wittiness and accolades and swooned by J's charismatic smile (he didn't contribute much verbally thus nothing else to swoon over! haha). Mid-wk, an old friend from Primary school gave me a surprise tinker to check if there's progress in my life. Sad to say, I disappointed her. haha. Later part of the week, I had a good time out with H who, as usual, entertained me with her many anecdotes and funny antics. Gals sure can yak coz the both of us chilled out till midnight, bridging the frequency closer. Am blessed to have friends like her to keep my sanity checked.

Shall now let the photos do most of the talking.
Disclaimer: I shall not be liable should the below cause excessive salivating or any other food-related withdrawal symtoms.

H and I wanted to patronise BLUE LOBSTER at Frankel but unfortunately, it toiled through several recessions and was probably badly hit by this particular one. IT CLOSED! BOO HOO!
Hopped over to WERNER'S OVEN @ Siglap instead. Ordered their famous pork knuckles and Farmer's Sausage.
Special of the day -- Seafood Pasta. Verdict - I'm not a meat person thus wasn't fantastically impressed. Have eaten better pork knuckles at Thailand. Nevertheless, I hasten to add that it's a good choice should you be shopping for a place to eat. Advance reservations are advised as the place is usually packed on wkends.
H was craving for the mango ice shaving at Hong Kong Cafe, thus we visited that place and chatted till the cows came home.
The next day ie. Saturday, sweetie and I ventured to unfamiliar grounds. I suggested going to Seletar Airbase for dinner. Been hearing about the quaint little place called Sunset Grill set amidst the hangers of Seletar camp. Along the way, whilst travelling on the TPE, the sun was setting and hues of red and orange filled the sky. I was hoping that we could enjoy a romantic dinner with the sunset as a backdrop. Afterall, it was 630pm then.
BY 7pm, we were still trying to spiral around the well-worn track. We made several rounds along the gloomy road. There were absolutely no road-signs or signs of extreme civilization. Abandoned colonial buildings lined the dusty road. A call to the restaurant did not help too as the receptionist was speaking with an accent which was hard to decipher. Finally, after much navigation, we came to a broad sweep of the avenue, made a left turn, then a right turn and a left turn again and saw hanging lights ornamenting the dark gloomy sky.
We finally arrived! This Korean airplane was parked right next to the pub.
The place was packed and we were 4th on the waiting list. Had to wait for half an hour before it was our turn. You can imagine our exasperation as the place was deserted and there was absolutely nothing else to do. Thus, sweetie and I sat in the car and talked. WOW! We actually talked! Today must be a day when we said the most number of sentences to each other! haha
8pm. The moment I sat down, the mouth-watering aroma of sizzling chicken wings greeted my nose. The famous Buffalo Wings. You get a choice of hotness from Level 1 to 10. Being first-timers, we were advised not to venture further than Level 3. So level 3 it was and it was certainly intense enough for us! Sweetie had sausage lips at the end of it! The infamous wings didn't come cheap. 6 pcs were going for approximately $19.50. The hotter it gets, the pricer it gets too!
CLAM CHOWDER! 我的最爱!My all-time love! My tastebuds exploded in utter delight. it's FANTABULOUS! Comparable to Dan Ryan's clam chowder! Whoops of joy! I was eager to consume the temptation and was spoilt for choice.
We ordered half a dozen mussels in white wine and garlic sauce, but a dozen of them arrived. We didn't realise till we were struggling with the last few pieces. The garlic bread was also awesome. Soft and Warm. The right combi. These were by far merely appetizers! I moved one of the pieces tantalisingly close to my mouth, gobbled down the mussle and was eagerly ready for more.
Main course: Mine -- Pan-fried Dory; His -- BLT Sandwich. We engage in an exhausting and exasperating attempt to finish our meal. Over-estimation once more. We had to pack the balance at the end of the night.

Which meal is complete without a satisfying dessert? Cousin P mentioned that the brownie's real good thus I had to make space for it. After what seemed like eternity, the sinful dessert arrived. The wait was long, but it was all worthwhile. I was determined, at least temporarily, to preserve its immaculate and delicate appearance. I proceeded carefully to cut through its smooth texture and savour the warm brownie. My nose picked up the distinct scent of vanilla and this stirred me into a state of frenzy. It was heavenly! Overall, I'd give the place a 3 star (out of 5) for food quality. Ambience is comfortable and a great gathering place. However, if the day's humid, good luck! Service is extremely slow. Our dinner took a total of 2 hours! A little pricey for a small pub in the outskirts but I guess if you are with the right people, it's all worth it. Its destruction to one's wallet and size was inevitable.

Having said this much about food, it's now back to reality. Even a reasonable night's sleep hasn't diminished the euphoria that sees me now unleashing a peal of eulogistic superlatives that can only bring me taunts, yawns and snorts.


PS: By the way, do you know the meaning of "knackered"? a radio DJ was using this word to tease some bimbotic models during one of his "plucking" sessions. I thought it was hilarious! Some people are just dense.