PMS on the loose!

Friday, August 28, 2009

It's 2:09am and I'm having a major case of PMS. Absolute madness.

Mayhem struck when someone at home had to metaphorically compare his change of face towels to my change in bags. Is there a problem? I earn my own keep and it's been a horrendously long while since anyone showered me with material love. In fact, apart from that one thing which I've been wearing for the 3 yrs, i can't think of anything else materialistically worth mentioning. It's every girl's dream (ok, perhaps i'm stretching it) to have a Bottega or a Gucci, or a Prada or an LV. But the men can never understand. It's not like I have tons of those so why harp on it? Just embrace this fact about women. It's not unique to me so stop harping! Annoys me to no end that my thirst cannot be satisfied and that I'm blesphemised for being outrageous with my collection. Seriously, it's nothing. Nothing to shout about.

I may sound utterly shallow by making such comments but honestly, receiving a gift of your dreams, be it small or big...or perhaps being showed concern, does make my day, for that matter, any girl's day!

PS: Sis-in-law was sweet enuff to ask him to bring home some chicken for me, knowing that I don't usually have the luxury of having my dinner. But guess what? He refused and even gave her attitude! Utterly Rude!

Million dollar question:

When was the last time that someone showered me with homecooked food brought back fm mom's place or perhaps showered me with that homecooked meal he's been promising to whip up so that I can have pipping food lay before me when I arrive home at 1030pm?


ok, stop being a Bitch....get on with LIFE! Screw PMS!